How to complete WeChat computer download
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WeChat computer version download and installation

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In case you got tired of such well-known messengers as Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp, it is high time to turn your attention to a popular Chinese invention WeChat. Downloading this app is easy, using it is convenient, and it is available for free.

How to install WeChat on PC?

How to install WeChat on PC?

Speaking about the undisputable bonuses of this program, one should highlight that it is compatible with varied Windows devices. WeChat computer app download is available on the official source of the developer. Get it on your gadget and follow the prompts. It works great both on desktops and laptops.

After the installation is finished, enter the program. But you should scan the QR code beforehand. How to do that? Find the tab “Detection” in the menu of your smartphone. Then find the command “Scan QR Code”. Scan a QR code to log in after computer WeChat free download

Click on it, approach your gadget to the image, and get the information needed for the activation of the application on your computer. You will need to approve the access on your smartphone. That’s all, your computer WeChat free download is successful. The app is installed and ready for operation.

One should highlight that, despite all the advantages, this messenger has certain drawbacks as well:

  1. The menu is available not in all the languages. Still, there is an English version. So, most users do not have problems with that.
  2. You will need to confirm entering the program on your PC every time. For that, you will be required to scan a QR code with your smartphone.

Yet, if you want to circumvent these inconveniences, you can use a trick and get an Android emulator on your PC.

How do I download WeChat on my PC via simulator?

How do I download WeChat on my PC via simulator?

Before you start, create an account on Google, if you do not have it. And, in case you have a profile on this service, you can freely use it. What do you need that for? You will need access to GooglePlay.

Here are the next steps to take:

  • Activate the simulator BlueStacks.
  • Find PlayStore in the menu.

Enter PlayStore via BlueStacks for WeChat computer download

  • Enter the login and password for your Google profile if required.
  • Type the name of the messenger in the search line.

How do I download WeChat on my PC via an Android simulator

  • Press “Install”.

Computer WeChat free download via an Android emulator

  • Accept everything. When the installation is finished, start the messenger.

Complete WeChat computer app download and installation via a simulator

If you want to avoid limitations related to the PC version of the messenger, you should download the app via the emulator mentioned or another one.

Now, you can either use your old account on this messenger or create a new one.

WeChat for computer download - instructions
According to the rules, every new user should enter information about his country of residence and disclose his phone number. But there is no need to share your real contact information. Many users switched to virtual mobile numbers long ago.

They can be used to register on any social networks or online platforms, as well as to receive SMS messages from any corner of the world instantly. And all those bonuses are provided at minimum cost. If you decide to use such a fake number for registration on WeChat, you will receive an SMS with an activation code to it. You should enter it in a special form on the messenger. This message will be displayed in your cabinet on our website. To read a detailed tutorial, visit this page.

Buy a virtual number for WeChat computer app download
Afterward, you will need to fill in the basic information about yourself – to upload the avatar and to specify your contact data and name. After WeChat for computer download you can control the app with the help of a mouse. You can easily use it to send long messages. Also, if you have a web camera, you can enjoy communicating with your friends via video calls

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