An ebay account blocked from selling or buying: possible reasons
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My ebay account is now blocked: what is the reason?

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In fact, there is a whole bunch of reasons why this marketplace may ban your account. But, in any case, such situations cause certain inconveniences or even financial losses. When your profile is suspended, you cannot make any purchases or put any goods up for sale. Also, you cannot leave any reviews, create or edit any advertisements, communicate with participants of auctions. In general, if your ebay account has been blocked, you are forced to wait until it is recovered. Or you can try to find another solution. What is the best way out? We will tell you about that below.

Why would ebay block my account: the key reasons

But we will start with discussing the possible reasons for a ban or suspension. Use these prompts to avoid problems.

Why would ebay block my account: the key reasons

  1. You used a banned electronic address for registration. Keep in mind that if an email has gotten blocked once, it has been saved in the database forever. In such a case profiles are blocked automatically or after other users file complaints.
  2. You log in to several accounts from one IP address. In case the administration of the platform performs a total check-up, all your accounts registered or accessed from one IP address will be banned. The solution is pretty easy – use a VPN service to change your IP addresses and sleep with a peaceful mind.
  3. If your ebay seller account blocked, there is a risk that another user sent a complaint about you. That could be either a seller or a buyer. After the administration receives such a report, they check the account. And, if a user has less than 500 reviews, certain limitations may be introduced or he may get suspended.
  4. If you have one PayPal account for several ebay pages. Be sure a ban from the marketplace is not the only problem you should worry about. There is a risk that you will face an investigation from PayPal as well. That is why do not link your goods to your PayPal wallet permanently.
  5. You display too much activity in trading. Do not put all your goods for sale at once. Divide your assortment into portions and exhibit them at different times. Sure, the best variant is to choose hot hours when your core audience is the most active.
  6. You have introduced some changes to your account. So, if you have less than 500 reviews, use a dynamic IP address, perform purchases or sales rarely, and decided to change something in your account suddenly, it is not surprising that your ebay account is locked. However, there is a chance that you will avoid that as well.
  7. You placed bets on your own goods. That is a severe violation, and users inevitably get punished for such actions. The administration is always on the alert. They will surely notice that and punish you. And this punishment will be heavy.
  8. You practice copypasting. In other words, you copy photos or descriptions from other sellers’ pages and publish them on yours. In such cases, an ebay account is restricted or completely blocked as well. As a rule, the administration learns about that from an affected party.
  9. You have inflated your rating or reviews. No doubt, earning feedback fairly takes much time and effort. That is why some canny users strive to speed up that process. For example, a user may buy 100 goods for $1 per piece and that will increase his rating dramatically. But, if he dares to sell some doubtful goods from the same profile, he will 99% get blocked.
  10. You have opened a second account using your own identity. In other words, you have used your name and contact number for more than one profile. That was a silly step. And you will obligatory get punished for that.

My ebay account got blocked, what should I do?

My ebay account got blocked, what should I do?

In such situations, many users start searching for varied instructions on how to unblock ebay account. But we should warn you right away that unblocking will take much time. You can see detailed information in the letter sent to you by the administration of the marketplace. In most cases, one can fix everything by making a single-time payment – that can be a commission or compensation for a buyer. But sometimes the administration demands users to verify their identity and to provide scanned copies of their ID documents.

How to unblock ebay account

But there is also a much simpler way out – you can register a second profile (or even several ones) by buying a virtual number at Prices for such a disposable number start from $0,42, and you will have an opportunity to choose a country to which it will be linked. But be sure to use a VPN service for accessing your new page so that you are not banned again.

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