How to install Skype on my phone for free
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How to install Skype on mobile phone Android or iOS

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Skype used to be the most popular tool for making voice and video calls in its time. And, as of today, it has preserved its leading position on the market. But, now, people prefer communicating with the help of smartphones. So, Microsoft has introduced the version for mobile devices. It allows using the entire functionality of this messenger without any restrictions.

How to install Skype app on my phone?

How to install Skype app on my phone?

In practice, downloading and using the Skype smartphone app is pretty easy. The main point is to make sure that the operating system of your device meets the requirements of this messenger. If your gadget is compatible with the program, you will not face any difficulties. Yet, to minimize all the risks, we have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to download Skype on iPhone or Android for free.

How to install Skype on mobile device with the help of the official application?

You can get this messenger for free from PlayMarket or AppStore. These are proven and reliable sources. There, you can find almost any app for your gadget and be sure that it does not contain any malicious software.

Below, you can see detailed instructions on how to install Skype on Android phone:

  1. Go to PlayMarket and use the search bar to find the messenger.
  2. The system will automatically select the most optimal version for your gadget. Download it.
  3. When the process is over, start the app on your device.
  4. You will be redirected to the page for logging in right away. Enter your user name and password. Or create a new account.

How to install Skype on mobile device with the help of the official application?

Note that to register on this service you will have to enter your mobile number. If you do not want to share such vulnerable information, you can buy a virtual number for this platform at our store. Here you can get prompts on how to use it for verification

And below are instructions on how to install Skype app on iPhone

  1. Go to AppStore and search for a suitable product.
  2. Download it.
  3. When you get the app to your phone, open it and agree to the requests of the system.

How to get Skype on cell phone via Apk file

How to get Skype on cell phone via Apk file

In addition to the methods described above, you can activate this messenger via a setup file, which you can find on any specialized website or its official platform. Certainly, the second option is much safer.

  1. Go to the official website of this messenger.
  2. Find a suitable file and click on it.
  3. When the system asks you about the location, choose a phone.
  4. Now, wait until the installation is over. Then, you can freely open the app and start using it.

Expert tips on Skype download smartphone
Expert tips on Skype download smartphone

If you are interested in Skype smartphone video calling, you should take into consideration the following points:

  • If you decide to use a setup file from a third-party website, you should be very careful. There is a risk that it contains malware. You had better turn to proven and reputable sources only.
  • To start communicating, you should add your contacts. For that, go through the authorization procedure, open the tab with contacts, and press “Add people”. To find your friend, search by its login or first and second names. When you see the account needed, click on it and send an invitation.
  • To use this app, you should complete a short registration. You cannot get access to its functionality without that.
  • To learn which version of the program you have, log in to the messenger and open “Settings”. There, find the tab “Help and Reviews”. Click on it and you will see a new window, which will display all the information you need.

Now, you know how to download and use Skype on smartphone. Hopefully, you will not encounter any problems.

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