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The most popular messengers in 2022. How to use a messenger app without phone number

popular messengers

Messengers are the most popular way to communicate on the Internet at the moment. In this article we will tell you how to use messengers without phone number.

It will be recalled that Telegram’s coverage has already become significantly larger than the population of two large countries of the world, Russia and the United States. And it continues to develop, introduce new functionality, and the number of its users is rapidly approaching the value of 600 million active visitors. And yet it is not the most visited application. There are more preferred options in our review.

WhatsApp still holds the lead in this segment, and the value of its followers is several times greater than the reach of Telegram. Now the application has some problems, hundreds of thousands of users refuse to use it. This is due to the leaking of user data to Facebook. By the way, Facebook is also on the list of the most popular messengers in the world. Moreover, it occupies one of the top positions.

But there are others with unique settings and interesting functionality. Exactly ten messengers were collected, which can rightfully be on the list of “Most Popular Messengers in the World” in 2022. It is possible that you will find something new and increase the audience of some of them.

How to use messengers without phone number

Before moving on to a detailed examination of the top list, I would like to share an interesting opportunity.

Most users are familiar with the situation when the messenger account is unexpectedly blocked. And in recognition of that fact a new account can only be obtained if there is a free phone number, using the app becomes a problem. And today you have the opportunity to register accounts and use instant messaging apps without phone number.

This opportunity has appeared relatively recently. All you need to do is register on the SMS-MAN.

How to use a messenger without SIM card

The service allows you to receive SMS to a virtual number for registration in more than 500 popular apps on the most favorable terms. This includes Facebook messenger without phone number on our list today.

The cost of one starts from 5 cents, and does not require any special financial costs. The purchase of several new SIM cards, which are sold in the communication shops of your city, will be ten times more expensive than this method.

How to use a virtual number? Messengers without number.

It’s simple. Here are a few steps that you will take to get a new account:

  • Go through a short registration process on the website;
  • Fund your account through any of the available payment systems. Minimum for replenishment, only 14 cents;
  • On the main page select the service or messenger you need;
  • Select the country of the number;
  • Use the received number to register;
  • Copy the confirmation code that will be sent to the virtual number and enter it in the application.

You can also get a number to register in the Telegram channel for free.

The registration process will be completed. Repeat the procedure as many times as necessary. Create several accounts at once in each messenger, there are no restrictions here.

Such accounts are great for maintaining anonymity. The number used has no way of revealing your identity. The service support service works 24/7. You can clarify the details of interest to you right now.

Why use VPN when registering? Messengers without number.

Using an extension VPN makes the registration process much easier.VPN will help you bypass blocking, keep your privacy and get rid of unnecessary advertising.In order to easily get a verification code, you only need to select the country and IP address corresponding to the country number, which will be used in the registration.

WhatsApp: 2 billion users

The most popular instant messengers in the world this year could not go without this giant.

Using the WhatsApp messenger app without phone number

It’s a bit difficult to imagine, but the use of WhatsApp has surpassed the mark that equals the population of China. This figure stopped growing in size only because the messenger was accused of transferring user data to a third-party application. These data have not been approved by anyone, and the administration confidently denies the fact of such a violation. However, many are confident that their data is flowing to Facebook, and gradually I am starting to leave for Telegram. Now there is a multimillion-dollar churn of application users, but it is too early to talk about critical numbers.

In general, WhatsApp has become the most popular messenger app no phone number due to the transparency and availability of actions for the user. It has handy features to create interest groups. This can apply to both businesses and blogs. The function enjoys an excellent response. In the regions of Asian countries, it is used as an independent network for building income on the Internet.

Facebook Messenger: 1.3 billion users

Interesting and multifunctional Facebook messenger without phone number continues the ranking of the most popular instant apps in the world.

Using the Facebook messenger without phone number

Since 2011 it had great results. More than a billion user reach in 2021 is achieved by this service, which boasts advanced capabilities of its functionality.

Some users consider it to be too boxy and cumbersome. And this attitude is difficult to deny. But in reality, we see that this does not particularly interfere with communication and the development of our own business through its functions. Let’s add here the possibility of thematic mailings, chat bots for the most sophisticated taste and we will get a messenger from which you really should not refuse. He constantly resonates with the audience and his second place in the list of the most popular instant apps is incorruptible.

WeChat: 1.2 billion users

Not every man knows about this messenger. And yet he is on the top leaderboard. WeChat has an honorable third place.

Use the WeChat messenger without SIM card

The audience of Asian countries and in particular China is admirers of this particular messenger, and for good reason. You can communicate through text messages and stickers, as in most cases with instant messengers. But these are not all of its capabilities. WeChat is its own electronic payment system. Pay for anything – everyday services, a taxi car, food delivery, and whatever you want.

If we take only the last year into account, we find that its audience has grown by almost 50 million users. With regard to WhatsApp, this may seem like an insignificant result, but in reality it is not. The app has great prospects. We can safely assume that in the near future it will cover more than one million users. By the way, this is not the only application that is in demand in Asian countries, and then we will consider it. messengers without number

QQ: 648 million users

Another popular messenger, originally from China. The application is actively used all over the world, but the bulk of the community is located in the PRC.

Register on the QQ messenger without SIM card

Ditch the standard messaging capability. In addition, there are online games, custom blogs, purchases that are made online and the possibility of fast payments.

Not at all, but the great features of the application do not at all provide it with an influx of new users. Since 2019, the QQ audience has been gradually decreasing. For 2022, it reaches only 600 million against 700 million in 2019. Let us recall that the entire territory of Germany refused to use QQ, and it will become clear that such a trend in the near future will not give any development of QQ. Let’s hope to increase the user reach of the app. And you can register an account in it right now. To use messenger without sim card with SMS-MAN.

Telegram: 500 million users

The past year has become a constant moment of growth in the popularity of Telegram.

Using the Telegram messenger without SIM card

New and returning users were moving along the schedule at incredible speed. Just remember the moment when in just a few days about 25 million people from Asia joined the application. This can say a lot, because everyone needs security today. Even the presidents did not refuse to use Telegram. This is the head of Turkey and the president of Brazil, who today speak very flatteringly about the opportunities that TG gave them.

They are not used to questioning the security of user data. Today Telegram can even provide a video call function. It has been integrated via a third party application and does not yet support secure data transfer. But this is only a matter of time.

Due to its careful attitude to user data, Telegram sympathizes with many mass information systems. But on the part of the authorities, such media look banned and unclaimed.

Snapchat: 433 million users

The most popular in the world is Snapchat. A relatively good increase in new users, this youth application shows us. For 2022, this figure is close to 45 million. The mass of the audience is within the USA. Today it is about 100 million. messengers without number

Using the SnapChat messenger app no phone number

Other regions are also actively using the messenger. Here you can see the audience from all over the CIS. The application found the maximum response among young people under 19 years old.

What many have liked Snapchat is its excellent media settings and the ability to stream short videos. They can be embedded directly into the message. Video content is presented here as a fundamental point of communication, although ordinary textual correspondence is supported by the proper level of messenger visitors.

Discord: 300 million users

The world’s most popular messenger for gamers. This platform has become the epitome of video game fans. However, it is now being used by a broader population who is not necessarily interested in multiplayer video games. messengers without number

Use the Discord messenger app no phone number

People here communicate in all available formats, but voice messages remain in trend. Many people create thematic discussions and their own channels. Over the past 2020, Discord has grown very, very much. At present, its audience numbers over 300 million visitors from all over the world.

Viber: 260 million users

Essentially a huge tool that is used at all stages of business development in most countries of different territorial location.

Sign up to the Viber messenger app no phone number

The messenger is replete with a variety of user groups. They are created for online shopping. You can easily pay for services that are provided both on the Internet and in real life. The ability to make video calls, along with making high quality audio calls, makes communication rich. The presence of stickers and stickers can diversify text correspondence. messengers without number

Line: 250 million users

Everything is serious here. Group chats, hilarious stickers and tons of fun videos. The application is able to give positive emotions to its inhabitants.

Register on the LINE messenger app no phone number

This is the audience for Asia, USA, Great Britain and many other developed countries of the world. The number of 250 million active users indicates that the application has great potential for growth. In any case, in 2021, its indicators continue to grow.

Skype: 50 million users

Once a stable and popular application. It is quite possible that now we are watching the sunset of Skype.

Use the Skype messenger no phone number

An outsider who could easily become the leader in the number of users who left the application. Just imagine a picture when the messenger is used by a huge part of the world’s population, 400 million people in size. But after a few years, only 50 million remain of them. This is the picture we see today. The churn of users is so strong that it can be compared with the population of several large countries of the world at once.

The reasons for this behavior are quite simple. The program did not take into account the wishes of the audience. In addition, it had a poor connection quality. And the appearance of serious competitors on the market only did what was already inevitable. Now Skype doesn’t look dead, its latest updates are pleasing to the eye. It would be incorrect to call it a complete collapse. But the number of users is getting smaller every day.

Fortunately, people have where to go, the choice is now gorgeous. And if you look at the statistics, it turns out that most of the users have from three to nine accounts.

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The most popular messengers in 2021
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The most popular messengers in 2021
It will be recalled that Telegram's coverage has already become significantly larger than the population of two large countries of the world, Russia and the United States. And it continues to develop, introduce new functionality, and the number of its users is rapidly approaching the value of 600 million active visitors. And yet it is not the most visited application. There are more preferred options in our review.
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