How to pass SMS verification on Discord without phone number
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Registration on Discord without phone number

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Discord is a popular program for communicating, which is created specially for gamers. It allows players to comfortably communicate with their teams during the gameplay. As of now, it was downloaded by more than 12 million gamers.

Two main reasons for such great popularity are convenient functionality and low consumption of resources. The load on the computer system is little if any. And it can work with the minimum speed of Internet connection.

Many users wonder how to verify a phone number on Discord. For the registration itself, a user does not need to pass SMS activation. But, if a gamer wants to get extra protection for his profile, to fully verify his account, and to receive access to all the servers, he is required to confirm his phone number. However, in recent times, users started to complain that this service demands such verification when one accesses the system for the first time.


If you do not want to use your personal number to verify your account or just need an extra profile, you can pass verification with the help of a virtual number. It can be used to receive a message with a code from this communication platform and pass verification in the same way as in the case of an ordinary SIM card.

On our website, you can buy a virtual number to register on Discord without phone number for $0,09 only. We have mobile operators from the USA, Russia, Great Britain, Indonesia, and many other countries of the world. We accept deposits in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency. Due to the convenient interface of the website, verification on Discord no phone will take you several minutes only.

How to purchase a virtual number to verify a profile on Discord without phone number?

  1. Open and complete a sign-up procedure.

2. Go to the section “Payment” and transfer a deposit via a convenient payment system.

3. Return to the main page and click on the button “Select an application”.

4. Write the name of the program in the search line.

5. Choose a suitable virtual number and press “Get” near it.

6. Now, you can proceed with phone verification. Turn on Google two-factor authentication: press on the gearwheel at the bottom of the page – My Account – Enable Two-Factor Authentication.

7. Now, you can link a virtual number to your account. Press the button “Enable SMS Authentication” in the section “My account”.

8. Paste the number you bought and confirm it. You can find it in the section “History” at

9. The gaming platform will send an SMS with a code to your number. To read it, return to the section “History” at and press the button “Get SMS”.

10. Copy the code from the column “SMS” and paste it in the corresponding field on Discord.

Now, you know how to pass verification on Discord no phone for $0,09 only. If you face any problems at any stage, you can freely ask questions in the comments below this article.

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Registration on Discord without phone number
Do you want to get a Discord account, but do not want to use your personal number for SMS activation? Sms-man offers a virtual number for registration on Discord without phone number for $0.16.
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