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Sign up in Imo and Use Without Phone Number

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Imo app – this is quite an ambitious project of the “Pidgin” studio with full cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows), which positions itself as a tool for everyday communication between people using the functionality of IP-telephony and instant messaging technology. How to sign up in Imo and use without phone number?

Features and functionality

The developers offer a standardized set of features for their already multi-million dollar user base, namely when creating an imo account:

  • audio and video calls;
  • group chat;
  • voice and text messages;
  • an abundance of free stickers;
  • full multimedia attachments;
  • active simultaneous chat on multiple devices;
  • Custom optimization for tablets.

A set of these features is distributed absolutely free and can be downloaded right now on Google Play, App Store and Microsoft Store. Separately, it’s worth noting that “IMO” shows excellent results even on slow connections without stable 3G/4G coverage. Which, for example, some of the above giants cannot boast of. And thanks to an improved data compression algorithm, the amount of traffic consumed is significantly reduced, saving real money when there is no wireless connection.

How to get an imo verification code to register without a phone number.

After we’ve talked about the app itself, you can move on to creating the account itself. First, you need to download the social network. To do this, go to the market, which is in your mobile device, find Imo app and click the download button. The first thing you will be asked for at the entrance you can use your phone number, but it also happens that you have already created an account and you can not use twice the same number or you will want to create an account for work, you can to delete the account on your phone number. In such cases you may need a virtual phone number and then I’ll show you how to buy it and sign up in Imo and use without phone number.

  1. To get a phone number go to, create an account and top up your balance.
  2. Then go to the home page and find the country you want to register in Imo and then select the service itself from the list
    Get phone number
  3. At the top of the page will be a list of active numbers
    List of phone number
  4. After that, open the application and enter the received phone number into the application.If you can’t create an account, try turning on VPN of the country you bought the number for.Using the VPN extension, you can change your IP address and bypass many blocked sites, as well as greatly speed up the process of obtaining a verification code.
    Input phone number
  5. The app will then ask for an Imo code confirmation
    Ask code
  6. Go back to the sms activation site and hit the get sms button
    Get sms
  7. Once you receive the code, go back to the app and enter it
    Input your code
  8. Enter a username and create or select a photo of the account to create a profile
    Username imo account
    Profile photo
  9. After entering all your data you will have an Imo profile page
    Imo account create

Once you have created an account you can use the same profile on your computer.
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