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How to delete Imo account in 2022

delete imo account

Users of the popular Imo messenger can make calls, exchange text, voice and video messages, send different files, pictures, smiles to friends and more. To start using the app, simply go to the official website and download the program, then install and go through a registration procedure.

But it also happens that the messenger is no longer needed, and then the user has a question  How to delete Imo account?

How to delete IMO account

Imo is app that combines the basic features of the messenger. To become a user of the messenger you should to pass a small registration, which involves usinng the fake virtual number to create Imo acoount.

If you do not want to use your cell number, you can buy a temporary phone number on our website to create a lot of Imo accounts.

Often users simply delete Imo account from smartphone, this will remove the application from your device, but the profile is still active. This deletion option is suitable for those who want to return to using Imo account again in the future.

That way, just by deletion the app from your phone, the account will still active. And when you download Imo again, you’ll be able to recover:

  • Correspondence history;
  • Recover all history;
  • File transfers.

delete Imo aoocint

How to deactivate IMO account and remove your profile

Wondering how to deactivate imo permanently, you need to understand that for this will be enough standard tools of the program. To do this you need to make just a couple of simple steps:

1. Go into the application and immediately go to the settings menu.
2. Click on your nickname.
3. Find the item “Account settings”.
4. Click on “Delete your imo account”.

confirm delete imo account

5. To confirm the action, you will need to enter the phone number that you used to activate Imo account.
6. And then once again click on the “Delete” button.

If everything is done correctly, all that remains is to delete messenger from your phone.

How to delete account on Android phone

Users often have the question of how to delete Imo account on Android. One of the ways is to do it via Google Play. To do this, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Firstly, go to Google Play.
  2. In the section “My apps and games” you need to find the application of interest, in this case the Imo messenger.
  3. Click on it and choose the item “Uninstall”.

How to log out of Imo on PC

With the question of how to delete imo permanently solved, now let’s see how to log out of the account on the computer. To do this you need:

1. Go to the account settings.
2. Go to the Privacy section and find the Sign-Out button.
3. Agree to sign out of the account.

But it is not possible to log out from the app on the phone, as such function there is no in this version. To leave your account, you should to delete the messenger from your device and download it again, but do not log in your Imo profile.

Now you know how to delete imo account from your phone completely. We hope that you will have no more problems with this.
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