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How to easily sign up for PayPal without phone number


In addition to the standard options for paying by credit card, there is the option of paying through PayPal. This system has a lot of advantages, so today I will tell you in what cases it is better to pay through this system and how to create account paypal without phone number. How to easily sign up for PayPal without phone number?
Paypal intro

Paying for purchases via PayPal is possible in cases if:

  1. You doubt the trustworthiness of the site or the seller – if the goods are not sent or are of poor quality, PayPal will give you a refund and will deal with the seller itself. On Ebay, for example, all payments go only through PayPal.
  2. In this case even if the store will refuse to compensate you for the lost order, PayPal will return the amount including the cost of delivery. The same applies if the goods arrived but were damaged on the way.

All payments made through PayPal participate in the buyer protection program. You can dispute a purchase within 180 days of payment.

Sign up for paypal without phone number in app

Phone number verification

  1. Turn on VPN.
    Turn on VPN
  2. Go to the PayPal application and click “Sign Up”.
  3. PayPal sign in In the window that appears, select the country on the phone number which you will register, and go to
    Input phone number for PayPal
  4. Choose the country you want to register Paypal and the service itself, and click on the buy button.
  5. At the top of the page will be a list of numbers, find PayPal in it.

  6. Go back to the application and enter phone number. Press the button “Next”.
    input pghone number for paypal
  7. We are asked for SMS code, go back to and press “Get sms”. After we got the sms, enter it into the app.
    Our code for registration

    Code input

Personal information

  1. We verified paypal without mobile number. Next, enter personal data:- First Name
    – Last Name
    – Email
    – Password
    Persanil info
  2. Confirm residence address:- City – city of residence
    – Street Address – residence address in the format “street name, house number, apartment number” (for example, Avocado str., 15, apt.22).Other information is not important. The information on residence is for the most part located automatically.
    Live addressLive address input
  3. You have to fill in data of your debit card, from which the payments will be made (you can skip this point).Enter these data:- Card Number – 16 digits of your card
    – MM/YYY – card expiration date (month/year)
    – CSC/CVC – three digits from the back of card
    card info
  4. If you filled it all correctly, you should see the question on the screen, what you want to use your account for.
    last step

    paypal login without phone number

Account setup

  1. The process itself paypal sign up at this point, but next, I advise you to change some settings to make payment through PayPal as convenient and profitable as possible.To do this, click on the gear in the upper right corner, and you can add address in the Address block, email in the Email block, and phone in the Phone block (to add something, click on the plus sign in the appropriate block).
  2. In the Security section, it is important to change only the Checklist section by clicking on the “Create” button. Since your card is linked to PayPal, in case you log in from an unusual location or PayPal suspects that your account has been compromised, you won’t be able to pay until you answer the checklist questions. You have to choose your questions from a drop-down list, and you think of your own answers.

How to open a paypal account on computer

The process of creating a paypal account on a computer is very similar and you can use the same instructions as on the phone.

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