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Fake phone numbers for SMS verification

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Our customers use more than 100000 fake phone numbers for SMS verification daily. But do they know what it exactly is? This article will explain that and answer all the following questions. Stay tuned!

What is a fake phone number?

Actually, fake phone number has some important options that you should know:

  • It doesn’t depend on any ID. It can be used by every person in the world and it doesn’t matter where he is.
  • You haven’t had a real SIM with this number. You can use it even on your PC!
  • It is the correct phone number with an exact number of digits, valid country code.

So, we can give a short answer: a fake phone number is a number, which you can get online to use somewhere as a real one!

Exciting, isn’t it? But further options will be more wonderful.

Why you should use a fake phone number?

There are a few reasons not to use real numbers somewhere. I will list some of them:

  1. You may have no opportunity to use your own number. For example, if you are not from Turkey, you won’t be able to use your number in Hopi or Getir. It allows only domestic numbers.
  2. You can avoid data leaks. Personal data is a really valuable good on the Web. Keep your real data away from marketers, scammers, and other bad guys.
  3. Leave your real SIM to your real life. Keep it for family, colleagues, banking apps, and really necessary contacts.

Which country has fake phone numbers?

I saw virtual phone numbers in all countries in the world. If a country has its own real SIMs, it will have a virtual one too! But there are very rare countries like Japan, South Korea, Kuwait and so on.

Also, if a country has lots of citizens, it will have lots of numbers. We can check it on India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the USA, Russia, and other countries with high populations.

Where can you get a fake phone number?

As I said before, you can get it online on lots of websites and apps.

I prefer to use SMS-Man, instead of well-known Twilio, Google Voice, and 2ndLine.

Here you can buy numbers from almost every country in the world for more than 1000 apps. Use it significantly and don’t worry about your personal data!

Where can you use a fake phone number?

I won’t lie if say that you can use the fake phone numbers in almost every app that sends OTP to sign up. Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

On our YouTube channel, you can check lots of videos on how to use fake phone numbers to sign up in any app.

How much do fake numbers cost?

It depends on what number you want to buy. On SMS-Man you can buy phone numbers from 0.05$ and more, it depends. Also, most services provide wholesale prices for bulk customers.

How to use fake phone numbers for SMS receiving?

Let’s see how to use that in a real example. I’ll try to sign up for a Facebook account with an SMS-Man fake number.

  1. Complete a simple registration on sms-man.com.

2. Refill the balance in a convenient way (rubles, dollars, cryptocurrency).

3. Find and select “Facebook” on the home page.

5. Enter your number when you sign up for Facebook.

6. Press “Get SMS” on the home page of the site at the number you bought

7. Insert code in Facebook.

That’s all I can tell you about fake numbers for a moment, so use this guide and be happy and save!

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