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Easily create Skype account without phone number

skype without phone

Today, phone numbers for bypassing OTP and registering accounts are used everywhere. Social networks and messengers, marketplaces and online stores, more and more services require a phone number for registration. In this article I will tell you how to easily create Skype account without phone number.

What is Skype and why you need it

Skype is free software for connecting with the world. With Skype, millions of people and businesses can make individual and group voice and video calls for free, and send instant messages and files to other Skype users. Using Skype is real on any device you want – your phone, computer, or tablet.

You will need a Microsoft account to sign up for Skype. You can easily and cheaply purchase an activation number on our website.

Easily create Skype account without phone number

To buy sms activation you need to register on our website.

  1. In the registration form, enter your email and come up with a password.SMS-Man registration form https://sms-man.com/site/login
  2. Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you and top up your balance.SMS-Man https://sms-man.com/account/payment
  3. Go to the home page and select the country whose number you want to buy.
  4. Expand the list of services and use the search.
  5. Select “Microsoft”.
  6. Click the “Buy” button.
  7. Go to Microsoft registration form.
  8. Click “Use a phone number instead”.
  9. Use the phone number you bought.
  10. When the service asks for a code, press the “Get sms” button next to your order.
  11. Copy the code and use it to activate it.
  12. Use this account to sign in to Skype

Easily create Skype account without phone number for free

If you want to get a toll-free number, we can help you. You can find promo code for one free number in the end of videos on our YouTube chanel. Promo codes have a limited number of uses. Stay tuned for more videos on our channel.

  1. Go to your profile on the SMS-Man site.
  2. Put your promo code in the “Coupons & Promo Codes” box.
  3. Click “Apply” button.SMS-Man profile https://sms-man.com?ref=bubadev
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