Sign up for Amazon Prime Video and get a free subscription for a month
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Sign up for Amazon Prime Video and get a free subscription for a month


Amazon Prime is American streaming service where you can watch movies and TV series. How to get amazon prime registration without phone number?

Amazon Prime is another American streaming service where you can watch movies and TV series. Just like Hulu or HBO Max, it is not officially available in Russia. But at the same time, really interesting projects that are worth your attention are regularly released on Amazon Prime.

Among the most interesting and well-known original projects of Amazon Prime are “Mr. Robot”, “Borat 2”, “Star Trek: Picard” and many other TV series, films and “documentaries”.

Регистрация в Amazon Prime Video и бесплатная подписка на месяц

Sign up in the Amazon Prime online cinema and get a subscription for free

The Amazon Prime service does not officially work in Russia. Therefore, to register, you need a VPN with access to the United States and an American phone number. Any VPN service is suitable – even Windscride, even Hola, even ZenMate. In principle, you can register and watch without a VPN, but then the range of available movies may be limited due to regional blockages. How to Sign up in Amazon Prime?

The subscription price is $ 5.99 or 5.99 euros per month, depending on the selected region. At the same time, when registering, trial 7 or 30 days are issued completely free of charge. During the trial period, the duration of which depends on the region, you can watch movies, download them to your smartphone, use the Watch Parties sharing mode with integration into Twitch and other features of the service.

Регистрация в онлайн-кинотеатре Амазон Прайм на русском и получение подписки бесплатно

To register, you will need an Amazon Prime account. It is universal. That is, if you create such an account, you can use other features of Amazon Prime – reading books on Kindle series devices, fast delivery in applicable regions, and so on. Registration will require:

  • Specifying a name or nickname.
  • Specifying a real email address – it will be used for logging in or password recovery.
  • Inventing a complex password.

It is easier to use SMS-MAN service!

After that, it is desirable to specify additional information about the profile – for example, a phone number. If you do not want to bring your real mobile phone, then you can buy a virtual number for Amazon Prime on our website. It costs from 22 cents. You can get a virtual number of any country, including the United States, to ensure full access to the content library on Amazon Prime Video. And the American phone costs the same few cents.

For more information about registering on Amazon using a virtual number, see our article: “How to get a fake Amazon account with a temporary number?

To start the trial, be sure to specify the bank card details. We recommend using virtual ones – Amazon quietly accepts them. And it is easier to close such cards if you do not want to renew your subscription or you will not be able to disable its debiting through your personal account on the service’s website.

The virtual card that you want to link to your Amazon account must have at least 1 dollar or 1 euro. This amount will be debited once and immediately returned to the account. This is the called verification payment.

Доступна ли регистрация на Amazon Prime больше одного раза?

Is Amazon Prime registration available more than once?

If the trial period has expired, and you want to continue using the service for free, just create another account. You will need another card for this. If your bank supports easy reissue of virtual cards, this is very good.

Then you will be able to destroy the linked virtual card shortly before the end of the trial period. The first payment will not pass. Now you just create a new virtual card and register another account.

At some point, Amazon may require a phone number. And you can get it on our website! We have enough numbers, even if you will register for a dozen trial periods per day. And each of them costs only a few cents – it’s much cheaper than an Amazon Prime Video subscription (or even just a cup of coffee from a vending machine).


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