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Easy way to get money in the Internet

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Now many are concerned about finding a source of additional income. This is not surprising, since prices in stores and for utilities are growing, but there are practically no wages. An excellent option in solving this problem can be earning money on the Internet. Anticipating your skepticism about this, I will say right away – only qualified specialists can earn some very large sums on the Internet. But simple ways to earn money on the Internet are available to everyone, and can become an excellent source of additional resources for paying for the same utilities.

So, what can you earn on the Internet? Here is a list of the simplest ways.

Performing simple tasks

There are special services, such as www.socpublic.com, www.wmmail.ru, www.surfearner.com and others offering to make money on very simple actions. Such work is available even to a schoolboy. For example, you will need to view certain pages (surfing), read emails, enter a query in the Yandex search bar and go to a certain site, click on an ad, join a group in social networks, enter a captcha, etc.

The cost of such actions is equivalent to their complexity, i.e. it is low – from 0.01 to 1-2 rubles. But, it should be noted that due to the simplicity of actions, you can perform quite a lot of such tasks per day, and, accordingly, it is quite realistic to earn 100-200 rubles per day.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the task service-Yandex. Toloka. Payment for tasks here is carried out in dollars, or rather in cents – from 0.1 to 9-10$. But the tasks here are also more complicated, for example, to check the compliance of the site content with its subject, to make the markup of yellow news, to check the cards of enterprises for duplication of information, etc.

Participation in paid surveys

This type of earnings on the Internet is also quite popular. One of the most well-known services that allow you to earn money by passing surveys is www.anketka.ru. You can earn from 5 to 60 rubles for completing one survey here. Withdrawal of funds is possible from 1000 rubles.

Writing comments, reviews or posts on forums

This method can bring you additional income from 1 to 50-60 rubles. for one comment, review or post. You can see sample tasks here – www.qcomment.ru, www.forumok.com, www.vktarget.ru. As a rule, such tasks do not require any special knowledge from you, and their implementation is necessary, for example, to maintain activity in a group in a social network for its promotion.

Selling photos

If you like to take photos and do it well, then you can earn money by selling your photos. To do this, there are many photo stocks on the network-services for selling photos. One of the most popular — www.shutterstock.com.

Who needs your photos? The answer is simple – in most cases, these are advertising agencies, designers and marketers. When buying your photo, they can use it for their own purposes, without being afraid of claims about copyright.

Writing articles

If you like to write, have knowledge in a certain area and can competently present them in an article, then such a source of income is for you. Bloggers, experts in social networks, information sites or online stores – they are all potential customers for you, because they all need high-quality texts to promote themselves or their business on the Internet.

There are several varieties of this work:
  • Rewriting – rewriting an existing article or articles in order to increase its uniqueness. The easiest way to earn money on articles.
  • Copywriting is writing a unique article without relying on existing articles, but only using your own knowledge.
  • Translations of texts. This type also requires you to know an additional language.

The most popular exchanges of authors are — Etxt.ru, Text.ru, Advego.com.

Remote work

There can be a lot of options here-from the administration of groups in social networks to writing programs for applications. Of course, this way of earning money can no longer be called simple, since it will require certain knowledge and skills from you, as well as investments in the form of time, effort and even additional training.

This type of additional income may well be considered a second job, which may become your main job in the future.

And yet I think that it is worth noting this way of earning money in this list, since such a job can be quite within your strength. For example, the same administrator of a group in a social network, whose duties will be posting posts in the group with a certain frequency or selecting good pictures for publication in the group. Such work is not difficult, but it will require a certain level of responsibility from you. SMS MAN

Some advices

In conclusion, it is worth saying that there are also many fraud schemes on the Internet, hiding behind the fact that they allegedly want to provide you with a job. In order not to fall for their bait, remember the following simple rules:

  • There is no big money for too simple tasks.
  • Never send any money to the customer. You are the performer, you do the work, and you should be paid, and not vice versa. If the customer offers to buy insurance, pay to reserve a task for you, or buy some kind of certificate necessary for work, these are scammers.
  • Do not participate in financial games, pyramids, wallets with interest.
  • Before you join a group or register for a service, read reviews about it on the network.

I hope that you have found a suitable option for yourself in such simple ways of earning money on the Internet, and have already started earning your first money online.


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