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Poshmark shopping. How to create a poshmark account.

IPO Poshmark

Poshmark is the leading online retailer of clothing, footwear and fashion accessories in the United States. Users need only create an account on the site and list the items in their closet that they want to put on sale. The site features more than 25 million items from more than 500 brands, so you’re sure to find something to your taste. All you have to do to sell items on the app is take a picture of the item you’d like to sell, give it an accurate description, set a price and get ready to make some money. How to create a poshmark account?

poshmark account

Three key features of the service

The Poshmark account store is an ordinary bulletin board, but as we all know, it’s in the details that success lies. There are tons of message boards, and only a few make it to IPO. Let me try to break down the distinguishing features of Poshmark
Poshmark is a narrowly focused electronic second-hand luxury items, mostly clothing. There is a platform, there are sellers uploading their goods, and there are buyers. All in all, a classic bulletin board. So what are its features?

Excellent description

Traffic from sellers is controlled by Poshmark itself, which has a concierge service to help make the listing taste good. You know how it happens when there’s a bad photo and left description – even if the product is good, you don’t even want to buy it. That won’t happen on Poshmark: the concierge service makes the ad sell.
According to IPO estimates, Poshmark is now worth almost three billion dollars. This is made possible by the service’s pitch.

Banning geography.

Many services have a major emphasis on geography: buy close, look close. On Poshmark geography is disabled altogether: you can neither find out where the sellers are from, nor filter them by city and proximity to the buyer.
From the buyer’s side the site looks like a classic online store: he sees an ordinary catalog with different goods. This way the price is stuffed even more: Poshmark presents itself not as a flea market, but as a high-end store, but luxury items that can be bought cheaper than new.

A secure transaction

All payment is made through the service. The buyer pays on the site through a “secure transaction.” The expensive items first go to the service itself, where they are checked for quality and authenticity. If the deal goes through, the poshmark shipping box goes to the buyer, the money goes to the store, if not – the seller gets the goods back and the buyer gets the money. Quite a standard secure transaction.
The secure transaction is only relevant for high-end goods in the high-end segment. For other segments the service is possible, but for an additional fee.

Poshamrk account vs Ebay

Ebay is another marketplace. Let’s compare it with Poshamrk.

1.Listings and sales.

With Poshmark account, you get free listings every month and can list as many items as you want. With the Poshmark app, the listing process is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is take good pictures of your items on your phone, write a captivating description, and click a few buttons to list your item. It only takes a few minutes, and you don’t have to log in.

You also get lots of sales features on Poshmark. You can offer discounts on multiple purchases, offer private discounts and share your items directly. For luxury items over $500, Poshmark also offers free authentication, which gives buyers confidence when making large purchases.

eBay provides 50 free listings per month; after that, you’ll have to pay for additional listings. This can be an important consideration for sellers who want to be able to create multiple listings each month. Listing on eBay is also very detailed and can be time consuming, as there are several steps you have to jump through to list an item. You will also need to decide if you want to list the item at auction or as a “Buy Now” purchase.

So, another factor in the Poshmark vs. eBay debate is how you want to list and sell your items. Poshmark is the best choice for seamless listing and selling; if you want extra functionality, you might opt for eBay.

2. Fees.

Poshmark fees compared to eBay costs are other important factors when deciding which platform to use. Poshmark charges a flat fee of $2.29 for purchases under $15 or 20% for sales over $15.

On eBay, however, you’ll have to pay a 10% sales fee and a 3% PayPal fee, for a total of 13%. This is another thing to consider when comparing Poshmark and eBay. If you plan to sell more expensive items, eBay may be a better platform because it offers a lower standard sales commission.

3. Refunds

There are no returns or refunds on Poshmark. This means that you don’t have to worry about a refund after the buyer receives and accepts your item. Unless someone takes legal action against you (for example, for a damaged or misrepresented product), the money belongs to you after you make your purchase.

eBay has optional returns, meaning you don’t have to offer a refund. But PayPal does allow refunds for 180 days – regardless of whether you specified “no refunds” in your eBay listing. So, when choosing between Poshmark and eBay, you need to think about the extent to which you want to deal with returns.

4. Payments.

Poshmark offers quick payments. When a buyer makes a purchase, payment is processed immediately. The buyer only has three days to accept the item, after which the payment is automatically confirmed. You don’t have to wait to get your money.

Payment on eBay is a little slower. After winning an auction or selling an item, you have to wait for the buyer to pay you. If the buyer doesn’t pay, you have to email or invoice them and encourage them to pay. You can also take legal action against the buyer, which can be a hassle and a waste of time.

If you need to find and buy clothes quickly, definitely use Poshmark. If you need a reliable and accurate system for buying with returns, it is better to use Ebay

How to register and verify an Poshmark account without a phone number

First, I’ll tell you how to create a Poshmark account:

  1. Go to the main page of the marketplace
    poshmark site
  2. Click on “Continue with Email” to create an account via email
  3. Enter personal information to create an Poshmark account
    create your google account
  4. Enter your clothing and shoe sizes and zip code
    welcome to poshmark
  5. Next step is to choose brands you are interested in
    poshmark account

poshmark sign up

How to verify Poshmark account with phone number

And, we’ve created an account. You do not always want to use a real phone number or email when registering, because then you will receive spam and calls from unknown persons. That’s why I will tell you how to get poshmark invite code without using a phone number:

  1. Go to account settings and select account information
    poshmark app
  2. Click on add phone number
    account info
  3. First you will be asked to verify your mail, go to the mail and enter the code you received in the letter
    poshmark sms verification
  4. Then you will be asked to enter the phone number
    poshmark phone number
  5. Go to the main page of sms-man.com, create an account and top up your account
  6. Go to homepage and buy US number for Poshamrk account (you can also create an account in India, Canada, Australia)
    poshmark SMS man
  7. Next, you need to enter the number you received on the store’s website and you will be asked for a confirmation code for Poshamrk
    add phone number
  8. Then you will be asked for a confirmation code
    poshmark sms verification
  9. Go back to the SMS verification service and click “Get SMS”
    us phone number poshmark
  10. If you press it you will receive a message that you have received an SMS or try again to get the code
    usa virtual number
  11. Once the code is issued, enter it on the Poshmark site
    confirm phone
  12. After entering it will pop up a window with the phrase that the phone number for is confirmed.

Service also provides U.S. numbers for other services.

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