How to register multiple eBay accounts without mobile number?
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How to register multiple eBay accounts without mobile number?


eBay is a trendy online marketplace. It has one of the biggest revenues in the world among similar platforms. So there is no wonder why a lot of people decide to register multiple eBay accounts. Its major payment service is PayPal. In addition to the usual fixed-price trading, there is an option to organize auction sales. It means that the seller can set the initial cost of his product so buyers place their bids until someone becomes the last one. The platform itself does not take a part in those auctions but earns the fee from each of them.

According to the official rules, users can sign up only for one account on this service. But there is often appear a question about how can you have multiple eBay accounts. A second profile allows users to buy from the same seller in auctions or to bid higher on their own products. However, there is a great risk that it will be banned by the administration. So in this article I will tell you how to pass the ebay registration by buying a number on our website.

How can anyone sign up for multiple eBay accounts?

There is no issue with creating a few profiles to buy and sell different products. But there are special rules to follow. Selling a product with one and betting on it with another account is surely not a good idea. In addition, accounts should not be registered with the same personal data.

Take note! It is not possible to register multiple eBay accounts with the same mailbox and cell number. Though it is possible to do this without applying to your real mobile number.

Как создать несколько аккаунтов на ebay?In case there is a need to get a second profile, it is better to register it on your own. Completing this task takes having both a mailbox and phone number. It is not difficult to create fresh email address but how can anyone obtain additional mobile cell number? A lot of people only have one number that is already bound to their first profile. So how can I have multiple ebay accounts? Just get and use a virtual number as a solution.

Obtaining a virtual phone for eBay verification within a few clicks

Let’s discuss in detail how to do this with SMS-Man. This platform offers the easiest way to deal with such a task as registering multiple eBay accounts so there shouldn’t be any difficulties. Just follow our step-by-step instructions below:


1. Pass registration at

SMS-Man register

2. Make a deposit to the website with one of the payment methods available.

SMS-Man recharge

3. On the main page of the platform choose the country of origin of the virtual number and desired app.

4. Press the purchase button.

5. Copy obtained number and use it when registering in chosen app.

6. After sending the confirmation message switch back to our platform and click on “Get SMS”.

7. Use the activation code to set up your new account.

There is also a channel on Telegram where everyone can get a virtual cell phone for free. To keep registering multiple eBay accounts just follow the steps from above again and again. Going through all those processes takes only a few minutes while users are free to use created profiles for any purpose.

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