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Create an Alipay account without a phone number

Alipay account

Alipay payment system was launched in 2004 and is considered one of the key components of the Alibaba Group ecosystem. The main activity of this platform is to provide customers from all over the world with negotiant services for purchases on the internet. It temporarily freezes the funds of the buyer until he receives the ordered goods and only after that transfers money to the seller. Read our article to understand how to create Alipay account both with and without using your personal mobile number.

Quickly create Alipay account using a mobile phone

Before proceeding to registration it is necessary to install the mobile application of service on your phone. It is available for Android and iOS as well as Windows Phone operating systems. You can download it from the official website of the payment system and relevant marketplaces such as the App Store and others. Once the application is installed you can use it to sign up for an Alipay account. Getting it done takes following the next steps:

1. Launch the application and set the language to English if it was not set originally. It will make it easier to create an account.

2. Press the “More” button on the start page of the application and choose a new user registration feature.

3. Fill out all of the suggested fields. After entering all the registration information put in your cell phone number and proceed to the next step.

4. You will get an SMS with a verification code. It must be entered in the corresponding field on the profile registration page.

5. Think up and set the password for your account.

6. Open the mailbox specified during profile creation and open the link from the received email.

7. Enter your personal data in the form that will open in a new window. It must be specified in the same way as in your official personal documents.

This completes the Alipay register process. You have created a profile in one of the most popular payment ecosystems worldwide and now you can start taking advantage of all its features without restrictions.

alipay sign up

How to set up Alipay without a phone number?

Using a personal mobile number for the Alipay register is not always possible. If for some reason this is your case then just use a virtual number to successfully deal with the issue. Today there are many providers who offer such a service. One of the best among them is SMS-Man.

The cost of such a number for Alipay is only $0.20 while the process of obtaining it takes only a few minutes. Moreover, this service can be purchased through a variety of payment systems. Let’s see how to do it.

Get a virtual number for Alipay verification via SMS

The process of acquiring a virtual number with SMS-Man is very simple. In order to get one for Alipay verification you only need:

1. Open the website and complete a very simple registration.

2. Go to the “Payment” section and deposit money to your account in one of the proposed ways.

3. On the main page of the website among presented countries choose the one where you want to get a virtual number from.

4. From the list of services choose “Alipay”. For more convenience, you can use the search feature.

5. Make a purchase.

The requested virtual phone number will appear in the request history of your account. Now the only thing left is to use this number to create Alipay account and click on the “Get SMS” button in order to get a confirmation code. The further registration process is completely identical to the one we described above.

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