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How to bypass Microsoft verification without phone number

phone number for Microsoft

Microsoft is a world-famous technology corporation that was founded way back in 1975 in the US. Nowadays it provides many various solutions including different computer software along with services related to them. In fact, everyone uses at least one service from this company on a daily note. This is why there are a lot of questions on how to bypass verification or get a phone number for Microsoft. They occur when working with Outlook, Azure, OneDrive, and other solutions from Microsoft. Read our article to learn about solving all those cases with virtual telephony.

When it is useful to bypass Microsoft verification?

Bypassing verification on internet resources is the way to go in a bunch of situations. This also applies to cases when it is necessary to create Microsoft account. Here are the most obvious reasons why it might be useful:

  • Having multiple accounts. Microsoft asks users to verify their phone numbers when registering profiles. So for the average person who has only one number, it is not possible to register two or more profiles and there appears a need to bypass verification.
  • Preserving more privacy and security. It is common to fall under hacks even for such big online platforms as Microsoft. Not sharing your own phone number is the right way to avoid becoming a victim in such situations.
  • Inability to use a personal mobile phone number. Sometimes it is simply not possible to use a personal number as it is temporarily disabled, blocked or the country of its cellular network operator is not supported by the service. In that case, it becomes impossible to create Microsoft account making bypassing verification the only way to go.

Those reasons to bypass mobile cell number verification are just the most obvious while in reality there are much more. For example, it is also a useful solution in case your main account got blocked with a cell phone number bound to it so it is impossible to register a new profile. But is there any way to do it without a Microsoft phone number at all? We will explain it next.

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How to receive Microsoft verification code with no cell phone number?

Well, speaking the truth, it is not possible to deal with phone verification by not using a mobile number. Though it is possible to solve this task without a personal number. The key to this is a temporary phone number for Microsoft. Numbers of that type are designed specifically for bypassing verification. They allow receiving OTP from a certain service without the need to have a SIM card at all. Moreover, they are pretty cheap in comparison and easy to get. But what is most important is that with them everyone can create an unlimited number of accounts because there are no limitations on their usage in terms of quantity.

Obtaining a temporary phone number for Microsoft

Most often online providers that offer virtual numbers have a simple and user-friendly design. So it takes only completing a few stages to obtain a phone number for Microsoft to receive SMS with them. At least that is how it works in the case of SMS-Man. Read below to understand the process in detail:

1. In the first place it is necessary to sign up for Users can choose between two options and do it with an email address or social network profile.

2. Once both account registration and verification processes are completed, proceed to the payment page, choose there a suitable method and add funds to your balance on the site.

3. On the homepage of the service pick desired country of the virtual phone number.

4. Scroll the page down and find the verification Microsoft account option.

5. Press the purchase button to obtain a virtual number.

buying a phone number for Microsoft from SMS Man

You are ready to bypass verification now. Put the received phone number on the registration page and request to it a Microsoft access code in the form of OTP. After getting it done hit “Get SMS” at SMS-Man to see the verification code, copy it, and use it to create a new profile.

So this is what it takes to obtain and use a temporary phone number for Microsoft to bypass mobile verification. You can take advantage of this feature at any time of the day as it runs fully automatic.

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