How to create Tagged app account without a phone number
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How to create Tagged app account without a phone number


Tagged — one of the most unpopular and strange dating services in the world. Wikipedia names this website a social network established in 2004 by some American entrepreneurs. This article will help everybody who wants to start way through this network with a new Tagged app account.

Why do you need a Tagged account?

Every time we speak about social networks we mean Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp, but we never think about Tagged. Why?

Sad, but Tagged has a strange design for 2022. The static sharp-blocked design may offend somebody, but we used to look deeper than the first view. Let’s speak about Tagged functions and advantages.

This service allows you to communicate with millions of people worldwide easily. The raw design allows you to use straight functions: search, add friends, chat. But it seems more like Tinder than Facebook.

The most strange and interesting feature is Pets. You can play a game with users like they are your pets. You can buy a pet, sell it, or use it for earning money. I tried to play it, but this game didn’t make sense to me. Further, I will tell you why you need to use fake credentials while you are signing up in the Tagged app.

Why do you have to use a fake phone number for the Tagged app?

Using fake credentials in accounts is a very useful perk you can find. Below you can see the reasons why:

  • Anonymity: using fake data makes you fully anonymous on the Web. You won’t miss your real name, birth date, e-mail, phone number, and photo. But in the case of the Tagged app, I recommend you to use your real photo because of the dating format of the network. You have to receive likes from users, so it is useful to have your own photo.
  • Spam: it is well-known that social networks sell their users’ data to marketing companies. I think Tagged is not an exception. Be careful of using your real personal data anywhere!
  • Privacy: social networks can be hacked by hackers at any time. When they get your real data, you will be in deep trouble. Scammers and hackers can break through other accounts with your e-mail or phone number. That’s why I use disposable data anywhere.

The one and only disadvantage of fake data is the problem of losing access to your account. If you forget your password, you will have to restore it via e-mail or SMS. It makes using one-time e-mail and phone numbers inconvenient, but I still recommend you use fake ones. Further, I will tell you how to use a fake phone number to sign up in the Tagged.

How to sign up in Tagged?

At first, we have to choose what seller of phone numbers we will use. I recommend you to use only SMS-Man for every social network and app, including the Tagged app. SMS-Man sells numbers from more than 150 countries for more than 2000 apps. 100% up-time and low prices will make you happy using SMS-Man.

  1. Pass through the easy sign-up procedure at SMS-Man. Here you can use fake credentials too, but we won’t sell your data to anybody.buying telegram without phone number
  2. Top up your balance with a suitable payment method. We accept bank cards, cryptocurrencies, WeChat, AliPay, and other ways like Stripe.SMS-Man account recharge
  3. Go to the main page and choose a suitable country. I prefer to use the American number.
  4. Go below and find service “Tagged”, then click the “Buy” button.Screenshot
  5. Your number will be shown in the header of the website. Copy it and go to Tagged. In the sign-up form fill out all the fields.ScreenshotScreenshot
  6. After you click “Sign up”, Tagged will ask you to confirm an e-mail with a verification code. I got e-mail like this, you will get the same.Screenshot
  7. Now we have to go to account settings in the right upper corner. Screenshot
  8. Click “Add phone number” and paste it. ScreenshotScreenshot
  9. After you click “Add” the service will ask you to enter a password. Try to remember it.
  10. Finally, you will receive an SMS code on SMS-Man by clicking “Get SMS”. Paste it into form and that’s all!

You can use the Tagged app with a new account.


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