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How to use Chinese TikTok app – Douyin

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The number of people registered on the popular social network TikTok exceeded 1 billion long ago. And a significant part of those users lives in China. Still, few users know that, according to the strict laws of this country, local citizens are allowed to access only the version developed especially for China — Douyin TikTok. We will tell you about all the features offered by this program and show you how to sign up for Chinese TikTok.

Certainly, this product has been adjusted to the needs and requirements of users in China, but its functionality has remained almost unchanged. This app allows recording videos, adding music, and using your own songs.

How to use Chinese TikTok: key differences

How to use Chinese TikTok: key differences

The first feature you should pay attention to is the name. The app is called Douyin (Chinese — 抖 音; Pinyin — Dǒuyīn). That is why, if you are going to communicate with users from China, make sure you do not mix up the names. Do not mention TikTok, to which you are accustomed. Otherwise, your interlocutor may just fail to understand what you are talking about.

When you get the TikTok Douyin apk, you will see that it does not possess any unique features. Still, if you have a closer look, you will understand that there are certain important differences.

First of all, one should mention that this nation has a different frame of mind. Local mass trends dramatically differ from European ones. The leading positions are taken by local bloggers.

Also, one should highlight that this version offers an insane amount of varied masks and filters, which are not available in the original app. Douyin Chinese TikTok download will also provide you with access to the collection of music, which you cannot find in the global version. The reason is that most local singers and bands do not enjoy huge popularity outside China.

In addition, there is another feature, which makes the app more esthetically attractive — in the “Settings” tab, the dark theme is installed by default. Hence, your eyes will not get tired, and you will not have to strain them at night time. This theme looks really impressive.

How to register Chinese TikTok?

A crucial moment — it is recommended to pass registration with the help of the source Sms-man. That will allow you to sign up with a virtual number linked to any country in the world, including China.

Downloading and registering on the Douyin TikTok Chinese app will not take much time. First, go to the website and download the corresponding installer in the apk format. For that, press the button at the very bottom of the screen, it is colored in pink.

Download the Douyin TikTok Chinese app

After that, go to the folder with downloads on your device and start the file entitled APK Douyin Tik Tok. It will take minimum time for the app to be installed on your phone. Now, you need to go through the registration procedure. It includes several stages:

  1. Go to the main profile window. You can just follow the instructions on the screenshots provided. That will make the process much easier.

How to sign up for Chinese TikTok - start the registration

  1. Press the button with a phone code.

  1. You will see the list of countries, where the registration is available. Search by the abbreviation in the right column. After you choose the country needed, you will see the window for entering the number. Insert the one, which you have bought at our store.

  1. In the next tab, you should specify the verification code, which will be sent to you via SMS. Just copy it from the tab “Request History” in your personal cabinet on our service and paste it into the messenger.

After that, your sign-up will be successfully completed. You will need only to fill in your profile:

  • The icon with a camera is intended for uploading your avatar.
  • The first line is for your user name. In other words, you should enter your nickname there.
  • In the next line, you should specify your date of birth.
  • The latest line is for entering the gender.

Have you filled in all the lines? Then, click on the button at the bottom of the screen, which is shown in the screenshot below.

How do I get Chinese TikTok

The procedure is completed. Now you have access to the entire functionality of the app without any restrictions.

How do I get Chinese TikTok in English?

You should understand that this local version of the messenger cannot be adjusted to your region. It is not intended for being used by people from outside China. That is why it is available in Chinese only.

But we can prompt you a convenient way out — use a special app for translation, for example, Language Navi. This easy-to-use tool will allow you to use Douyin TikTok Chinese app in your native language. The tab with this translation app will be displayed on top always, so you will be able to see translations without closing or collapsing the video platform.

Using the program mentioned is pretty easy.

  • Download it from Google Play and open it.
  • Allow it to use special functions of your smartphone.
  • Choose the app, which you want to translate.

How to login to Chinese TikTok in English (or another convenient language)? Just open the social network, and the app will start translating it in automated mode. It will translate both all the tabs in the menu and all the texts in videos for you. By the way, you can also use it during the registration. Then all the forms and names of countries will be translated automatically. And it will be easier for you to understand how to create Chinese TikTok account.

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