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Buy Qiwi verified account: detailed guidelines

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Where and how to buy Qiwi wallet registration? Learn where to get it at the cheapest price. Read the details in the new article.

QIWI is a famous payment service, which was created in 2007. As of now, its client base includes more than 17 million people. This system allows transferring payments to more than 11 thousand varied services. Getting a wallet there is pretty easy.

Still, although the registration algorithm is intuitive and simple, many users decide to buy verified Qiwi wallet. Let us discuss this process in detail, as well as hidden pitfalls.

However, in case you prefer to register a profile on your own, you can cope with that without entering your real phone number. Just make use of the service Sms-man. Here, you will find virtual numbers for creating wallets on Qiwi from $0,10. And you can pay for your purchases via one of the multiple methods on offer (a bank card, electronic systems, cryptocurrency, and others).

qiwi wallet registration

Buy Qiwi account: potential difficulties

Do you need a profile in this payment system? Are you interested in where to buy Qiwi verified account? There are many specialized websites that offer such services. Such online stores sell ready accounts on varied sources. Still, you must know that purchasing a ready Qiwi wallet is usually a bad idea. There is a risk that you will face diversified problems. The most common ones include:

  1. Bloated prices. They vary from one store to another one. But they can hardly be called affordable, especially when one needs not one, but multiple wallets.
  2. Limited supply. The number of websites offering this type of profile is rather small. The biggest difficulties are associated with purchasing professional wallets.
  3. No guarantees. If you choose to buy Qiwi wallet auto edit, you will face a high risk of getting blocked. The administration of this platform fights against accounts, which have been created automatically. So, if you decide to buy a set of profiles, do not get surprised when many of them get blocked several days after the purchase.

Also, one must note that many people selling such accounts are scammers. So, there is a risk that, after you buy Qiwi verified account, you will lose it. The point is that a seller can easily regain access to it and resell it to several other buyers afterward.

But there is a much more affordable and safer approach. Buy a virtual number for Qiwi instead and avoid all the problems mentioned. As a result, it will cost you much cheaper to get an account on this source. And you will not get blocked as you will not break any rules by using this method.

qiwi wallet registration

How to buy Qiwi wallet with a virtual number?

At the beginning of our review, we have already mentioned the service Sms-man. Now, let us find out in detail how to use it to buy Qiwi account with the help of a virtual number.

  1. Register on our source.

qiwi wallet registration

2. Go to the tab “Payment”. The link to it you will find in the top menu. Then transfer a necessary sum to your balance.

Deposit your balance at to buy verified Qiwi wallet

3. Return to the home page of our service and find a suitable disposable number. For that, specify a country at first. Then, select the platform Qiwi.

Buy verified Qiwi wallet with a virtual number

4. Now, go to the official website of the payment system. It offers registration with a phone number. Enter the one you bought at our store.


5. After you fill in a password, enter a code for verification. The field for pasting the code is at the bottom of the registration form.

6. Receive the code on the page “Request History” at our store and paste it to finish the sign-up.

So, we have discussed how to buy verified Qiwi wallet at our store.

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