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How to enter VK without account: a few simple ways

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The social network VK has long become something more than a resource for the communication of a small group of people – today it is one of the 15 most popular services on the planet, and the number of registered users has already exceeded 500 million!

And, nevertheless, sometimes people need to find, for example, a friend or some kind of community.

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The problem is that using the resource without a login and password is not possible – there are no special buttons. This means that there is no effective way to search for a particular user. Everything is somewhat different: you just need to know where to press when entering (phone or computer).

Use VK without account to search for people and communities

To find a specific user, you need to follow a simple but strict sequence of actions:

  • Open the main page. Under the window for data entry (login, password) there is a link “Forgot your password?” – you need to click on it.

Access VK without account

  • Click on another active link as it is shown below. The site offers to follow it to those who do not remember or do not have access to phone or email (it is irrelevant for us because we want to browse VK without account).

How to use VK without account - instructions

  • In the window that opens, you need to press another link at the bottom of the form.

How to open the search page to browse VK without account


  • So, the service will open a page with the search for registered people. You just need to enter the user’s name – it remains to find your friend in the list of available profiles.

Use VK without account to search for people and communities

In the case when there is no access to your page, but you urgently need to use the full functionality, the best option would be to create a new account using a virtual number.

For example, the Sms-man service offers to buy a virtual number for registration in VK for only 9 cents. And the very procedure for creating a new page takes no more than a few minutes.

View VK without login: available and unavailable functions

Viewing only open profiles will be relevant. The service makes it possible to see all the information that the user left on the page – photos, text content, a list of groups, etc.

View VK without login: available and unavailable functions

By the way, you can also view videos – uny that you found yourself or by reference (only if there are no restrictions). Information about advertising on the service, data for application developers, as well as rules will be open. You can also listen to music on your phone or computer.

But there is also bad news. In the absence of an account, viewing of some profiles will be unavailable (in particular, those whose owners have set access to viewing exclusively to VK users). To greet an old friend, you will have to become members of the service.

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