How to restore a Google account

Retrieve a Google account: detailed instructions

Retrieve a Google account: detailed instructions

Google offers a huge number of services. We constantly use many of them for work or in everyday life. It is possible to register a profile in the system. This improves usability and functionality. A single Gmail account is provided. It is to him that the rest of the services are bound. We will try to understand the situation in more detail.

In this case, you should think about creating a new account. It’s pretty straightforward, but requires a mobile phone number to be linked. There is no need to purchase a SIM card. Service “Sms-man” offers virtual numbers for registration with Google from 5 cents. The purchase process is completed in a few clicks. SMS messages come instantly.

How to restore Google account on new phone

Forgot your login information? The service provides for a clear sequence of actions. We will tell you about it.
1. Go to the login page. In the window that opens, you must enter your email address.

How to restore Google account on new phone - start with logging in

  1. We will be asked to enter a password. Since we do not remember it, there is a corresponding link a little below. It is necessary in cases where the user is looking for how to restore access to his Google account. 

Retrieve a Google account - press "Forgot password?"


  1. Go to the corresponding page. Here the system will help you recover your Google password. We enter the last known one or choose another method.

Retrieve a Google account - enter your last password

  1. In any case, there will be confirmation by phone. An SMS is sent to it or a call is made.

Retrieve a Google account - pass verification via your phone

  1. Recovering your Google account password does not always imply that you have a phone at hand. Alternatively, a confirmation code can be sent to a backup mail address.

How to restore a Google account via another email


After entering the resulting combination of numbers, you need to enter a new password. This allows you to restore Google Chrome. If you do not use the methods described earlier, the system prompts you to enter the answer to security questions.

How to restore Google account after deleting

Have you removed your profile earlier? The service provides an opportunity to reverse this action. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Go to the page where you can restore a Google account. Enter the email address in the field, then click the “Next” button.

How to restore Google account after deleting - enter your email

  1. A notification about deleting the profile appears. If more than 30 days have passed since this action, the information will be erased.

How to restore Google account after deleting - check whether it is still available

3. Enter the last password that was used for the account. Press the “Next” button again to continue and restore the deleted Google account.

How to restore Google account after deleting - enter your last password

4. An account recovery message appears.

How to restore Google account after deleting - change password after regaining the access

We’ve covered Google Gmail recovery. The process takes less than a minute, which is very convenient.

Lock your phone through your Google account

You may encounter a situation where your phone or tablet has been lost. It can be blocked remotely. This is a standard security measure. Let’s consider how to block and how to unblock Google account on Android.

  1. First of all, you need to enter your Google profile settings. We find the item “Devices” in the list and click on it.

Lock your phone through your Google account

2. We get a list of devices on which the profile was used. Here you can restore your Google account on Android. We pass to the device of interest.

Choose which device you need to lock via Google

3. In the menu of a specific phone or tablet, you can specify “Secure device”.

Secure a device stolen via your Google account

At the same time, any message can be displayed on the screen. Best of all, indicate your contacts and ask to return the device (if it was lost). Unlocking your Google account and the device itself can be done in the same menu. It is enough to press the corresponding button.

Among other options in case of loss, it is possible to completely delete personal information from the phone.

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