How to Buy a fake TikTok account from $0,05 without phone number?
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How to buy a fake TikTok account?

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Today, more and more users need additional accounts on varied social networks. Yet, despite the fact that such requests are quite frequent, many people still have no idea about how to get a fake TikTok account. What can you use such a profile for? How to make it? Continue reading to learn the answers.

Be sure to visit the service Sms-man, which offers virtual phone numbers for sale and for rent. There, you can get any number of additional accounts on any popular Internet sources. Our prices start from $0,06! More to the point, you can use our services absolutely anonymously!

What do you need a fake account for?

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One may use this service for sharing short videos for different purposes. Some users visit it just to relax their minds, but there are many users who run their own small businesses via it and earn money from their profiles. That is why one may have different reasons to create a fake TikTok page. For example:

  • extra technical pages for promoting a business (inflating statistics on subscribers and likes);
  • security reasons – it is much safer to stay anonymous while communicating on the Web;
  • restrictions – when a user is banned by the administration of the source or the platform itself is prohibited by local authorities in his country;
  • an intention to get rid of bothersome junk information – in some cases, the only way to avoid receiving loads of spam is to make a new fake TikTok account.

However, the service Sms-man will always help you open as many profiles as you need, regardless of your motivation.

A fake account TikTok from Sms-man

A fake account TikTok from Sms-man

What are the advantages of buying an additional account with the help of our service? Let us name at least the key ones:

  • Reliability. For your money, you get exactly what you need.
  • Cheap prices. For quite a modest price (starting from $0,05!), you get an opportunity to create a fully-featured profile.
  • Anonymity. You do not need to disclose your real mobile number to buy a TikTok fake account.
  • Convenient payments. Our team made every effort to make our store user-friendly, so we have added a full range of popular payment methods (bank cards, online wallets, and even bitcoins).
  • Helpful customer support. You can count on them to solve any problems.
  • An opportunity to buy any number of additional profiles on any popular online service.

Using VPN services

I also want to say a few words about VPN services. name VPN. it is distinguished by its instant speed, connection quality, affordable price and a large number of countries for connection. in addition, within the choice of countries different cities are available, and sometimes different servers in cities. without it you can not get sms on our website, if you buy a number of another country.

How to create a fake account: instructions

We have compiled a detailed guide so that you can get an extra profile on this platform without taking much effort. Using it, you will easily get any number of accounts. So, follow the steps below:

  • pass a simple registration on our website (at the same time, you can look through the list of platforms, on which you can register via our service – you will certainly find at least a few variants worth your attention);

Register at

  • make a deposit in your personal cabinet via any convenient method;

Deposit your Sms-man account

  • then, you need to decide which country of a mobile operator suits you the most (we have more than 200 variants);
  • select a platform;

Buy a fake account TikTok from Sms-man

  • in your personal cabinet, you will see a virtual number, which you can use for standard registration on this social platform;

Copy your virtual number from sms-man

  • a message with your verification code will be displayed on the same page after you press “Get SMS” – use it to complete the registration of your new profile;
  • now you can use your TikTok fake account for any purpose at your sole discretion.
  • you can also use our Telegram channel to get numbers for free.

So, if you want to have more than one additional profile, just repeat the procedure described above as many times as you need. Yes, you can get an unlimited number of accounts for business or personal purposes. Use them wisely!
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