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Learn how to create PayTM account with virtual number

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PayTm is an Indian digital mobile payment platform. It can be deciphered as Pay by Mobile, which came to the market in 2010. Initially, the company’s operations were as a mobile phone top-up site. Later, in 2013, the company allowed itself to add many new services due to the increasing number of users. For example: Data cards, mobile and landline bill payments. Growing in popularity and services year after year, Paytm in 2017 became India’s first payment app to surpass 100 million downloads.

Why do you have to use PayTM?

Many users are looking for resources where they can buy a PayTM new account. But this is not the best solution. First of all, it’s not safe at all. At any time, the wallet seller can restore access to the sold account and take possession of your funds. Secondly, it is very expensive. In Paytm, it costs $50 to buy an account.

We offer a much safer and more profitable option, namely, to buy a virtual number for PayTM for 0.34$ and register in the payment system yourself. This will not only save your finances, but also protect your funds from outside interference.

There is a possibility to choose a mobile operator from a large number of countries, including virtual numbers from India. You can pay for the number in dollars, rubles and cryptocurrency through many payment systems. Thanks to the intuitive interface of the site, you can buy a virtual number and create an account in Paytm in just a few minutes.

Buy a virtual number to Create paytm account

Although this procedure is not complicated and is as simple as possible, we have provided instructions in case it is your first experience.
In case you have followed all the steps of our instructions but still encounter problems when purchasing a number or unfortunately your payment has not been received or rejected, do not hesitate to contact our support team. They are available on the main page of the site, as well as in our Telegram channel.

Instruction of how to create paytm account:

Firstly you need to visit our service sms-man.com and create an account to be able for further operations.

2. Go to the “Payment” section on the main page of the site and top up the balance of one of the payment systems.

3. Go back to the main page and write “PayTM” in the search bar after choosing country. Then select this service.

4. The number has been purchased and you can proceed to creating an account in PayTM. To do this, you need to visit the official paytm.com website.

5. As show in the screenshot below, you need to click on the specified button in order to start the registration process.

6. Enter the purchased virtual mobile phone number, email address and password.

7. Click on the “Create your PayTM Wallet” button.

8. A message with a verification code will be sent to the virtual number. Go back to the site sms-man.com and click “Get SMS” in right from the number

9. The code will appear below the number.

10. Enter the code, fill the information bar and click on the “Create your PayTM wallet” button.

11. Your account will be created.

Thus, we managed to buy a virtual number and create an account for only $0.34. And we can create as many such accounts as we want. The procedure in many similar services is same, so you can create accounts in other services too. Just remember that SMS-MAN can help you to bypass the most complicated part of it – mobile phone number verification.

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