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How to install Line app on PC: a step-by-step review

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Although there is an abundance of diversified messengers on the market, the new program Line is steadily winning leading positions in many countries. And, in addition to smartphones, many users want to get it on their computers. But most of them do not know how to turn that into reality. So, let us discuss this process in detail.

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How to download Line PC?

How to download Line PC?

If you want to use this messenger on your desktop or laptop, the first step is to download it. As of today, this app is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • MS Windows;
  • Apple Mac OS X.

And in case you use Linux, you can try to install this messenger via the emulator Vine. There are no other available solutions in such cases. The risk that you will face any difficulties in the process of installation is minimal. Download an archive with an installer and choose a suitable location on a hard drive. Then you will have to wait a bit for the installer to correctly complete the download.

When you activate the program on your PC, it will request you to create a new profile. You cannot do it on a computer – only on your smartphone. So, you will have to get the mobile version of the app as well. However, all the versions of this messenger can be downloaded easily, quickly, and for free. The only problem is that for registration you will need to specify the phone number, to which the messenger will send you a verification code.

But you do not have to disclose your real number to install Line chat or any other app. Instead, you can use a cheap virtual mobile number for signing up for social media, mass texting, and other tasks. Also, such a disposable number can be used for creating an extra account on any platform when you do not have an additional SIM card at hand.You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

Install Line chat without a phone number

Got the code? Paste it into the verification box on the messenger. If you do everything correctly, the app will start without a delay, and you will be able to enjoy communication via your desktop or laptop.

On your computer, you will need to enter the number you used for registration. Why should you do that? All the profiles on Line are synchronized with phone numbers. At the moment, that is the only available method to identify a user.

Which functionality will you get after you install Line for PC?

Let us discuss the benefits provided by the desktop version of this messenger. They are almost identical to those offered by the corresponding mobile app:

  • texting;
  • making voice and video calls;
  • sending messages to group chats;
  • sharing photos, images, and videos;
  • adding stickers to dialogs.

Also, you can synchronize your chat history and other settings with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The interface is well-thought-out and convenient. It is easy to understand even for beginners. Many users do not even try to get this app on their smartphones and install a PC version at once.

Using a computer, you can make voice calls and communicate with both new and old friends. If you want to use video calls, you will need a web camera. Also, for high-quality audio, it is better to use speakers. If you want to use this social network on several devices simultaneously, take advantage of the internal storage – Keep Line. Then you will always have access to large and small files and will be able to share them with other users.

Unfortunately, certain functions are available in the mobile version only. So, you had better download the Line app on your phone as well. The developers working on this messenger consider the mobile platform to be a priority. It is important to note once again that, regardless of the device chosen, the installation will not require much time or special skills.

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