How to prevent account hacking on Instagram
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How to create a safe Instagram account

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How to safe Instagram account from hackers?

As you know, to create a page on this social network, you must link your email address and phone number to it. So, if one gets access to your device, on which your email inbox is opened, that person can easily enter any profiles on any platforms if they are linked to your email address. That is a crucial risk factor.

Thus, we recommend you check the security and reliability of all the services you link to your account. Then, make sure your email is not linked to it as well. And never store any information for accessing your social media pages or other apps in Google Docs or notes on your smartphone. It is important to take all the precautions to secure your IG page. Remember that scammers and thieves are really inventive, and it will be easy for them to find a creephole and get access to your profile directly – with the help of clone phishing.

How to safe Instagram account from hackers?

The essence of this scheme is creating copies of emails, which are usually sent by services. A hacker sends a user a letter, which looks almost identical to a real one. An address is also very similar. That is why it is important to pay close attention to domain names. Clone phishing is intended for inattentive people.

Besides, scammers often use outside apps. These can be auto posters, photo editors, web direct soft, etc. These phishing programs cannot circumvent the security systems of Google Play and AppStore. Such rogue services are used to request access to an account or to simulate authorization.

How to prevent your Instagram from being hacked if its security is already compromised?

In such situations, you should take measures immediately without a delay. If you can still enter your page, the first step is to change the password (as well as passwords for all the services linked to it). The next step is to turn on double-factor protection.

And if the access is denied, an effective method to get your account back is to request the system to send you a password to your phone, email, or Facebook profile. Then, activate double-factor protection.

How to prevent your Instagram from being hacked if its security is already compromised?

In case the system does not send you a notification, file a request to the support team via the function “Forgot password?”.

How to make Instagram safe?

  • Do not use your real number for registration. Instead, you can buy a virtual number for Instagram at our store for $10. See our tutorial for details.
  • Check the relevancy of all the services linked to your Insta.
  • Set a more complicated password. A combination should include both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as digits. Also, be sure to regularly change your password (at least once in a couple of months).
  • Activate two-factor protection.
  • Never access your account via public Wi-Fi.
  • Do not publish your email or phone number used for registration in your profile.
  • If you have even the slightest doubt that your page might have been hacked, set a new password (sure, changing passwords for all the other services linked is also a must in such cases).

Why is it better to use a VPN when registering?

Using VPN will greatly simplify the registration process.Extension VPN will help you bypass unnecessary blocking, keep your privacy and get rid of unnecessary advertising.To get the verification code without problems, just select the country and IP address corresponding to the country number you will use when registering an account.

Never offer any money to scammers for getting your account back. They will not return it. It is easier to abandon it and make a new one. Also, avoid being too active after recovering access to your page. Otherwise, there is a risk that you may get blocked or suspended.

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