How to boost TikTok account free in 2021 simple and cheap method
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How to boost TikTok account

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As with any other hype phenomenon in the infosphere, TikTok offers rich opportunities for marketing your products or services. The main point is to understand how to do promotion on TikTok effectively. As of now, this social media is victoriously winning new audiences all around the globe. Every day, it sets new records in terms of download statistics. How to take full advantage of all the benefits provided by this virtual community uniting 500 million people? In this tutorial, you will learn everything about how to increase TikTok engagement and take a leading position on this social network.

How to boost TikTok engagement: general facts

How to boost TikTok engagement: general facts

The overwhelming majority of users are youth (40% of users are people under 18, who access this app 10 times per day and spend about 1 hour per day there). Sure, this fact makes a huge impact on the methods and techniques, which are used to advertise goods via this platform. Here are the key points you should take into consideration:

  • youth is a target audience for many businesses (such as events, clothes, education);
  • many businessmen and advertisers still do not pay enough attention to potential customers at the age of 14-24. But such young people often have their own sources of income or receive money from their parents. And they often propose varied ideas to their older relatives (for example, where to go on a vacation, where to order food for dinner, or where to buy a new smartphone);
  • like most other social media, TikTok started its development by engaging a younger generation. But its users will soon get older. And the service itself will also get older together with its users. This interface will get updated again and again. And functionality will get extended regularly. Its algorithms will get changed as well.

How to boost a TikTok account: effective methods

How to boost a TikTok account: effective methods

So how to push your page on this platform? Here are the key tips on how to get more likes and comments on TikTok:

1. Use multiple profiles

If you need to register many pages, the optimal choice is to use a source selling special virtual numbers for signing up to social networks. This is the most effective and affordable scheme to push your main profile. How to get more likes and comments on TikTok - create technical accounts with virtual numbers

For example, on Sms-man, you can buy a virtual number for registration on TikTok for $0,06. So, in case you decide to turn to our online store, you will be able to create 100 profiles for $6 only. And you can use them to inflate likes, views, and other parameters for as long as you want. Do you want to learn how to use such a disposable number? Read this guide.You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

2. Mass following and mass liking

Use a special service for gathering accounts by hashtags or competitors’ subscribers. After that, leave comments, likes, and subscriptions for them in automated mode. In such a way, you can get more than 300 new subscribers, up to 1000 likes, and up to 3000 likes under your comments.

3. Redirecting traffic from other platforms

As this social media is rather new, it does not have a well-organized centralized advertising system. And in case you decide to turn to a partner agency, that will cost you a fortune. That is why it is better to redirect traffic from other blogs here.

For that leave links to your profile on this social media on all the other platforms where you have subscribers. Accustom them to consume your content posted on this source. It is the key method, which will allow you to boost a TikTok for free. By the way, this scheme works vice versa as well.

Redirect traffic from other platforms to boost a TikTok for free

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4. Collaborations

Cooperation with other bloggers involves shooting collective videos. Or you can place links to each others’ pages in your own videos. But there is one nuance – in case your audience is significantly smaller than that of your partner, you will have to pay for such a collaboration. Besides, you will need to spend some time searching for a suitable partner.

5. Advertising integrations in accounts

The good news is that, on this source, you can buy a great ad for quite a reasonable price (top bloggers take from about $15 to $150 for an ad with a mark). The rules are the same as on other social networks: choose reliable bloggers and prepare scrupulous technical specifications for them.

And if you do not want to deal with bloggers – use a web direct service. Such advertising networks allow adjusting target parameters, including locations, personal preferences, and others.Use web direct services to boost a TikTok

6. Hashtags

Study and determine key hashtags meeting two parameters at once: they should be widely used and should suit the topic of your video. If you want to promote your TikTok account, getting one of the top positions in terms of hashtag use is your key goal. Top hashtags are viewed billions of times.

For example, you can use hashtags in such a way: choose a couple of mass hashtags to get the highest traffic and add a couple of more rarely used ones (but they should correspond to the topics of your videos).

Use popular hashtags to promote your TikTok account

7. Trends

Thousands of views are guaranteed if you use features that are currently enjoying the biggest popularity on this social network: trendy music, shooting inside TikTok, participating in challenges.

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