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Line sign up without phone number

Line sign up without phone number

Among a wide choice of other messengers, Line takes one of the leading positions on the global market. This application allows you to communicate with your friends from all over the world.

The messenger offers the following functions: to send messages, share media files, and make voice and video calls. Line supports all popular OS: Android, iOS, Windows. Besides the communication itself, the application offers the option to follow the news and life of celebrities by subscribing to one of the popular channels.

The biggest drawback of this messenger is that, to register on it, a user is required to verify his cell phone number, to which he must receive an SMS with an activation code. It seems safe and convenient. But what about those users who want to stay anonymous or who need to have multiple accounts? In our article, we’ll discuss in detail how to sign up for Line without phone number¬†on different devices.

How to create Line account without phone number 2021?

According to the rules, it is impossible to get a Line account without phone number. In any case, you will need to pass an SMS confirmation. But, for this, you can use an additional service, such as sms-man.com. The company sells virtual numbers for registration on social networks, messengers, dating sites, and other popular sources.

How to create Line account without phone number 2021?

The service sms-man.com offers to buy a virtual number for registration on the Line messenger for 7 cents. It allows you to receive an SMS with an activation code and register a new account without buying a SIM card.

How to register Line without phone number (step-by-step instructions):

  1. Download the application Line from Google Play or any other convenient website.
  2. Install and run the program. The application will ask you to enter your phone number.
  3. To buy a virtual number, go to sms-man.com and pass the quick registration.

Pass the quick registration at sms-man.com

  1. After authorization, go to the top menu of the website, click on “Payment”.

Make a deposit at sms-man.com

  1. Deposit your account with one of the payment systems.

Make a payment for Line sign up without phone number

  1. Open the main page and find the icon of the service needed. It is possible to use a search bar.

Find the Line messenger at sms-man.com

  1. The last step is to click on “Buy” as it is shown in the image above. Now, the number is yours.

8. It is displayed in the tab “History”.

Copy your virtual number for registration on Line without phone number

  1. Copy it, go back to the Line messenger application and paste it into the appropriate field. Confirm that you agree to receive an SMS with a code.
  2. Then, return to the section “Request History” at sms-man.com and click on “Get SMS” next to the number.

Pass SMS activation online to create Line account without phone number

  1. The SMS code will appear in the column “SMS”, copy it and enter it in the registration form.

Get a verification code to register Line account without phone number

Ready, now you know how to sign up Line without phone number. And it cost you 7 cents only.

The procedure is identical for all operating systems. So, using our instructions, you can easily pass registration on this messenger without a phone number on any device.

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