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How to unblock on LinkedIn in 2022

How to unblock on LinkedIn in 2022

How to unblock on Linkedin linked to your personal mobile number? Read the new article from SMS MAN!

How to unblock on LinkedIn using a computer or phone

  1. Log in to your personal account via PC. If you can’t log in, use an erroneous username and password, use the help of technical specialists of the service. They will restore your passwords. The thing is that even if you don’t remember your login details and can’t log in to your personal account, the account itself continues to exist in the application’s cloud storage. So to delete it, you need to log in to your personal account.
  2. Click on your avatar (photo), which is located in the upper right corner. A list of settings will appear there. You need to click on the “Settings and Privacy” tab.
  3. In the new tab, select “Account closure”.
  4. Next, the service will ask you to leave a review, specify the reason for deleting the account. Fill in the window and click on the full account deletion button.

So your personal LinkedIn account will be deleted.

LinkedIn also offers a premium subscription

Be careful when deleting an account. Don’t click on the premium subscription agreement if you don’t want to activate it. Premium subscription was introduced as a voluntary use of additional funds created for the application, for an additional monthly low fee. Companies resort to such innovations when they have already earned a sufficiently high loyalty of a huge customer base with the help of products that were previously presented for free.

The LinkedIn app was previously only a free version. Thanks to the free version, the developers were able to collect huge feedback from all users of the application. Both positive and negative. Negative reviews were related to the work of technical support, as well as shortcomings in the software component. Programmers and SEO have been working on improving the services and services offered. Thanks to this, we have reached an improved version of the free application. After a lot of hard work, it was proposed to create a paid subscription for those who want to increase new features, add exclusivity to their personal account. The subscription is quite small, and helps the company to increase its income several times.

How to unblock on LinkedIn and register a new account with a different mobile number?

What is it?
A virtual phone number for registration is a mobile number that is created on the Internet and works with it. Or rather, with the help of databases located in the cloud space of an online store that sells virtual numbers.

In simple terms, a virtual number (or fake number, as it is also called) is just a mobile number with which you will register an account for yourself. This feature is very useful and in demand, since you do not need to go to the mobile operator’s store to buy a mobile number with a physical SIM card, and you also do not need to fill out paper documentation when buying. And it is not necessary to use the number at all.

Due to the fact that all registrations in applications and services are now tied to mobile numbers, not mailboxes, the function of buying virtual numbers has been introduced.

Previously, if you wanted to create a second account for personal use in any application or service, you just needed to register a new mailbox. Today, instead of a new mailbox, you can purchase a virtual number for registrations. You can purchase virtual mobile numbers at affordable prices in SMS MAN.

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