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How to create Douyin account without phone number

How to create Douyin account without phone number

Still don’t know how to register a new Douyin App account without using your cell phone number? Read the details in the new SMS MAN article!

Douyin App registration is the creation of your personal account number, which is needed to create a unique account that only one person can use. With a unique registration you can combine your smartphone, laptop, computer, tablet when using Douyin App from multiple devices.

douyin app

Usually create one Douyin App account

One account is tied to one phone number. The system is set up so that if you have two mobile numbers, registering a new account will still only be used with one number. The same story says that if you have one phone number, registering two personal Douyin accounts is not possible.

What if you need more than one personal account?

There is one solution. Buy new mobile numbers to which the new Douyin App accounts will be linked. And here you can use two options to solve the problem: buy new numbers with physical SIM cards at the mobile network operator’s stores or underpasses. Or you can use virtual mobile numbers to quickly register new accounts. As practice shows, the second option takes much less emotional, financial and time resources. We recommend acquiring new virtual mobile numbers through the SMS MAN service.

How can SMS MAN help you to register a new Douyin App account?

SMS MAN is a proven by years and good reviews of a huge customer base online store for the sale of virtual numbers. The virtual number works in the same way as a normal number, but you have to use a SIM card and insert it into your mobile device in order for it to work. Virtual number operates on the basis of databases, which are accumulated in the cloud of SMS MAN website.

In general SMS MAN takes care of all operational and technical details of the virtual number for you. All you need to know in order to purchase a virtual number is that you determine the time of the number lease: you buy it for a quick registration or for a long-term temporary use. Based on these data the cost of your virtual number may vary.

How to buy a virtual number?

Purchase is done in 5 minutes and you only need to go to the official website of SMS MAN.

  1. Go to your profile on the SMS MAN website.
    If you do not have an account yet, register one.
  2. Select the country whose number you wish to purchase.
    douyin app
  3. Select the service for which you want to buy the number.
    In this case you need to choose Douyin service.
    douyin app
  4. Buy the selected number and use it to create a new account.
    douyin app

  5. The SMS MAN website will receive an activation code; use this too to complete the registration.

  6. This completes the registration of your new account.

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