How to make a second account on TikTok without phone number
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How to make a second account on TikTok without phone number

How to make a second account on TikTok without phone number

Is the new TikTok verification without a phone number even possible? Yes! Moreover, such registration is possible in any social network.


Forget about complicated technical operations and machinations. Use virtual numbers when registering. They will help you to get as many accounts in all social networks and platforms as you need and want.

Virtual number is a mobile number that is used for quick registration when you do not have your own mobile number. Or leased for as long as you need.

The main advantage of a virtual number — you do not need to use a SIM card connection to your device, as well as spend time visiting the store operator’s mobile network. All the hard and time-consuming work is done for you by fake number vendor sites.

TikTok verification without a phone number using the SMS MAN website

  1. You need to use the website, the seller of electronic virtual mobile numbers, SMS MAN.
    On the homepage you must register or log in to your personal account. Without this step it is not possible to purchase a mobile number and use it for the quick registration of a new account and the activation of the obligatory sms code. Registration takes a couple of minutes.
  2. Make a choice of the country, which virtual number you will use when registering in TikTok.
    Select: USA. If your state is not visible in the proposed list, use the search. To do this, click on the magnifying glass symbol to the right of the list of countries and enter the name you want.
    tiktok verification
  3. Similarly, select the application or service in which you want to register.
    In this case, choose TikTok.
    tiktok verification
  4. Buy the number that is offered on the site.
    Click the purchase button once. Your virtual phone number will be displayed at the top of the SMS MAN website.
    tiktok verification
  5. Flip through the site to the main header.
    Here you will see a virtual number that you can copy. Use it when you create a new account.
  6. There, in the main top of the site, you can see the SMS activation code, which came to the phone number.
    Be careful, the code can come not at once, but within 5 minutes. In case the code did not come to the virtual number, there will be a notification on the site. Wait some time and try to request the activation code again.
  7. After entering the code, you will create a new account in TikTok.
    Now you need to fill in your new profile details. You can use your new TikTok verification, which was created without using your mobile number. And it took you 5-10 minutes and $0.71.

Technical support plays a significant role in choosing a virtual number vendor

If you encounter any errors or problems with SMS MAN, please use our technical support site. It is prompt, working 24 hours a day. Our specialists are ready to help you in Russian, English and Chinese.

SMS MAN carefully selects a team of specialists who competently and quickly perform their work. Any of your questions will get an answer within 5-10 minutes, and, of course, will be solved.

Technical problems can often occur in Russia due to the current world situation. In order for the site and registrations in applications, social networks to happen without interruptions, we recommend using a VPN connection.

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