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How to use Dingtone app without phone number

How to use Dingtone app without phone number

Dingtone app is one of the most popular services for communicating with friends and family. You can use it to call as well as to send text messages to users absolutely for free and without limitations. It is also suitable for connecting with phone numbers registered by cellular operators anywhere in the world.

Benefits that those who decide to create a Dingtone account get

The most important advantage of the app is that all communication between users who are registered in it is absolutely free. However, don’t forget that calling and sending short text messages to a landline as well as a mobile number that is not registered in the system is paid.

Though the cost of such services is affordable. To make calls outside the app users are given a fresh and real phone number that is available for usage without having a SIM card. Here are a few other advantages of a virtual number for the Dingtone app that are worth noting:


  • There’s no need to purchase a SIM card. Virtual cell numbers completely eliminate this need. In addition, to get it and create a Dingtone account it is necessary only to connect to the internet which everyone has.
  • Remote number obtaining. The remote format provides convenience. You can purchase a virtual number as quickly as possible in just a couple of clicks.
  • No need to worry about documentation. Unlike purchasing a SIM card, obtaining a virtual cell phone doesn’t require signing any paper documents. It saves time and also adds confidentiality.
  • Personal data is perfectly safe. Everyone at least once in their life received foolish calls and text messages. Virtual number completely excludes such incidents.
  • Round-the-clock help from the support service. In case there is any issue the virtual number provider service is ready to come to your aid. Do not hesitate to ask questions.

As it is easy to notice, there are plenty of good reasons to use a virtual Dingtone phone number. And there is not a single one not to do it, especially when it is so easy.

How to sign up for the Dingtone app using a virtual cell phone

This task is quite simple. Just follow our complete guide below from beginning to end to create Dingtone account with a virtual number. Here it is:

1. Sign up for an account on SMS-Man.

2. Choose the country of a virtual number on the main page of the website.dingtone

3. Scroll the homepage a bit down and select the Dingtone app on the list with services.dingtone

4. Purchase a virtual cell number.


5. Enter your Dingtone phone number during the registration process.

6. When the verification code is sent, go back to the platform and request it.

7. Enter the code you receive and use your new account!

That’s all. There is nothing complicated about signing up for the Dingtone app with a virtual cell phone. Moreover, the company guarantees that provided personal data isn’t gonna get leaked to third parties. Some unscrupulous companies resell phone numbers. As a result, they either end up in the hands of another person or end up in the databases of banks, collectors, etc.

A quality company that resells numbers is required to check each number put up for sale. In addition, be careful. Often spam calls come in on a low-quality number. Block the phones and buy a new number. But most importantly, already in another company such as SMS-Man.

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