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Why do you need VoIP number?

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There are many services on the Internet that sell virtual numbers. Such numbers are needed for business, to create additional accounts, to call and receive text messages.

The SMS-man site provides a service for selling disposable virtual numbers to get a confirmation code.
The “SMS-man” site provides a service of selling disposable virtual numbers to get a confirmation code for registering with the service.

What is a VoIP number for receiving SMS messages?

Virtual mobile numbers (VoIP numbers) is a service that allows you to forward SMS to a specified cell phone number, receive SMS with free forwarding to your e-mail or specified cell phone number, no matter where in the world it is located. Such number can work without a SIM card, but it can receive sms and forward that sms to a specified address.

Thanks to VoIP number you’ll be able to make sms distribution, create accounts in messengers and any services. You will also be able to remain anonymous using such a number.

Messages from this number can be forwarded to any device. To do this, you need to sit from your personal account. The sender pays for sending SMS messages according to the tariffs of his operator.
Virtual number can be forwarded:

  • Email box. SMS message will sent to a specified e-mail address.
  • Cell phone. Forwarded messages will be sent to your cell phone as an ordinary SMS.
  • URL. If you’re the owner of the site, then SMS messages will be sent to it.

How do I purchase a VoIP number?

To purchase a VoIP phone number, you must:

  1. You need to register on the SMS-man website or log in to your personal cabinet using the username and password you created earlier.
  2. Check your balance, you can refill it using any of the methods offered.
  3. Specify your country, you can just choose from the list.
  4. Specify the type of number.
  5. Enter the operator code or area code if it is a PBX.
  6. Configure the parameters for receiving SMS messages correctly.
  7. Specify the period of time you plan to use the VoIP number. If you buy a number for a long period of time, services often offer an additional bonus or a good discount.
  8. Check that the information you entered is correct and make the purchase.
  9. And the last step: virtual mobile numbers only accept SMS messages from real mobile numbers. Important: Not all mobile operators guarantee that a virtual SMS from the Internet platform will come to your number.

VoIP number for SMS: features of use

A virtual mobile number can purchased online. But you must set up redirection. Specify where you want to receive messages. A virtual number allows you to send bulk messages to existing and potential customers for a small fee, stay in touch with numerous subscribers, and receive a variety of notifications.

Services offer a variety of VoIP numbers: You can choose numbers from any country. You do not pay to receive SMS messages, they will be displayed on your mail, phone or website.

Don’t need to be in the sender’s country to receive messages to the virtual number. Moreover, you can be anywhere and send messages anywhere you want. VoIP numbers can used by ordinary people or private companies. With such numbers, they can conduct business or personal affairs.

What is the cost of VoIP number?
Call forwarding to mobile number is paid, to e-mail or your own resource – not paid. You can set up the call forwarding parameters at your own discretion. Cost of forwarding message for inhabitants of one region will be calculated from mobile operator’s price. You can configure not only SMS sending parameters, but also choose the VoIP telephony package with number substitution that meets your needs.

The main advantages of virtual numbers for receiving SMS:

  • possibility to send SMS to any gadget;
  • a good set of functions for SMS processing;
  • of course, incognito;
  • batch unloading of SMS messages for customers;
  • free SMS reception;
  • receiving statistical data about VoIP number usage for free;
  • prompt adjustment of settings;
  • quick registration in social networks and other portals.

Buying a virtual number significantly increases the range of possibilities:

  • Unlimited number of accounts in social networks.
  • Maintaining anonymity on the network.
  • The ability to instantly register on different platforms, exchanges, stock companies and not worry that personal data will go beyond the resource.
  • If you lose your SIM card, do not worry, because the account is still linked to a VoIP number.
  • Without reference to the geographical location, you can receive SMS from more than 50 countries of the world. We automation all processes for you. So the risk of human interference and errors is excluded.  Buying a virtual number on the SMS-man website is an opportunity to significantly expand the boundaries for a minimum fee.

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