Snapp Food delivery registration without a phone number
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Registration in the Snapp Food delivery without a phone number


Snapp Food is the most well-known food distribution service in Iran. This service is one of the most popular and suitable food deliverance services in Iran. Application supports GPS manoeuvring and demonstrate all the restaurants surrounding you.  When you click on the desired institution, you can get acquainted with the menu, see photos of dishes and read the comments of visitors.

The application regularly updates the menu of restaurants. Program always has current prices for all dishes. There are a large number of filters that make it very convenient to choose the right restaurant and the best culinary delights. Snapp Food gives you the opportunity to have an instant snack more than 100 other cities.

Snapp Food account features

Snap Food provides its users with various and desirable features in order to save time and money. In addition, some of these facilities can be mentioned as next

  • Unmatched assortment of foods including Iranian, traditional, Western, Chinese, seafood, Italian, Mongolian, fast food, vegetarian, nutriment and etc
  • Various payment methods (in-person, credit and online)
  • Different methods of food search based on the type of restaurant, the desired area, favorite food and …
  • Capability to add favourite restaurants to people’s personal profiles
  • The prices of the menus on the Snapfood site are the same as the restaurants
  • Discounts on various restaurant dishes
  • Participate in Snapfood campaigns on various occasions
  • Add new restaurants to suit users’ opinions
  • View up-to-date restaurant menus and food photos
  • Awareness of new restaurants

How do I create Snapp Food Delivery account?

Registration in Snapp Food is carried out by a mobile phone number. The service accepts only Iranian mobile operators. Because of this problematic to create an account without a local SIM card. But this restriction is easy to circumvent.

Как зарегистрироваться в Snapp Food?

On the website there is an opportunity to buy a virtual number of an Iranian mobile operator for registration in Snapp Food. It allows you to receive SMS messages from the food delivery service and create an account in a few clicks.

In addition to SMS activation of Snapp Food in “Sms-man”, you can buy virtual numbers for register in almost all popular food delivery services.

Buy a virtual number for registration in Snapp Food

You can purchase a virtual Snapp Food number on the Sms-man website instantly after registration without extra identity proof. Virtual numbers can be used not only for Snapp Food. Registration in other popular delivery services for instance: Wolt Food, Deliveroo and e.t.c can be applied by our virtual numbers too.  To get a virtual phone number, simply repeat these steps:

  1. Open the website and register.

  1. Make a deposit in the “Payment” tab through a convenient payment service.

  1. Open the main page of the resource and write the name Iranian virtual number.
  2. Next search “Snapp Food” in the services bar.sms-man
  3. Open the application or the official website of Snapp Food and go to the “Registration” tab.

Регистрация на Snapp Food

  1. Enter the virtual phone number and click on the pink button.

Ввести виртуальный номер для Snapp Food

  1. Open the Sms-man service again and  click “Get SMS”.
  2. Enter the code in the registration field in Snapp Food.

Therefore account in Snapp Food is ready to use, and you can order the delivery of dishes from your favorite restaurants in Iran without restrictions.
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