How to create Wolt food delivery account without phone number
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How to create Wolt food delivery account without phone number

How to create Wolt food delivery account without phone number

It’s a company based in Helsinki known for its food delivery platform. Firstly, wolt food make it easy to find great food from its restaurant partners to either pick it up themselves, or have it delivered by one of its delivery partners. Today, they’re also increasingly known for enabling people to get the same Wolt delivery experience from virtually any type of grocery store, retail shop or boutique within the city.

Wolt food launched in the summer of 2015 in Helsinki, Finland. In the seven years since launch, they’ve expanded to 23 countries and more than 250 cities, serving millions of customers together with more than a hundred thousand courier partners as well as tens of thousands of restaurant and retail partners.


Wolt account features

If you want to order delivery, then you need to create Wolt account. Above all it gives access to a lot of useful features of the platform, such as:

  • Recommended language translation according to your country;
  • Mostly recommended products to individual consumers;
  • Free delivery for pro account users;
  • Buyer protection;
  • Express delivery;

Step-by-step instruction how to create Wolt food delivery account without mobile number

Why you want to use virtual phone number? Firstly, to verify your profile, you need to verify your phone number but using your own mobile phone number is not an option. Secondly, you don’t want to get spammed by unnecessary messages from Wolt food delivery. It is available from anywhere in the world without the need to have a SIM card or even a mobile phone. Here is step-by-step instruction.

  1. Register a profile at the platform for online receiving SMS.login
  2. Use a payment method you trust most from the according tab to refill its balance.sms-man
  3. Find the country and choose the country dialing code in list.smsmancountry
  4. Also on the homepage select receive SMS Wolt food delivery option.servicesms
  5. Click the “Buy” button.                                      smsmanbuy
  6. Enter the received virtual phone number on the Wolt food delivery sign up form and request a verification code.
  7. Switch back to SMS-Man and click the “Get SMS” button to reveal a text message.

After that enter the rest of the required data and submit the form. Good job! You have just created Wolt food delivery account that is fully operable and available.

Our Telegram channel

There is no suitable payment method presented on SMS-Man? There is a solution for it. You can simply use our special Telegram channel to get a fake virtual phone number for free.

There we on a on a daily basis provide up to six virtual phone numbers from different countries that subscribers can use for signing up on various websites and applications without exceptions. So there are no difficulties with using them in order to create Wolt food delivery account.

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