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How to get a Chinese phone number for SMS

China number for SMS verifciation

The Chinese phone number consists of 11 digits and necessarily begins with one. The cost of the SIM-card depends on which number you buy. The most difficult thing for a foreigner in China is to get used to the absence of Google, YouTube and other familiar online services. It is possible to use them, but only through VPNs, which have learned to bypass restrictions. Most people in China do not need such complications either, so everyone uses local services: available and more adapted to the preferences of Chinese residents. We will tell you how to register in services, using a virtual China number for SMS verification.

Chinese phone number


The countries that have their own search engine are few: Russia, China, South Korea and Japan. The majority of the global market is still occupied by Googel – 92.7%. By comparison, the share of Baidu in the world is only 1.06%, but it is 70% of the local market! So if you want to reach a large part of China’s population, you have to master Baidu and promote yourself there.
For advertisers, Baidu works just like Google. To get good traffic and sales, the site will have to be optimized for the system’s requirements and promoted with contextual advertising.


WeChat is an analogue of popular messengers. What is interesting, 85% of users of the service – people aged 18 to 35 years. The ideal range: these people are solvent and not as conservative as the older generation to refuse foreign goods and services.
Here you can communicate in chats and individually, subscribe to interesting channels and, if you represent a business, run those channels. In addition, there is a separate feed with publications of friends and a block with advertisements.

WeChat is developing not only in the direction of communications. Inside the service is a lot of mini-apps – additional functions, useful for users and business. For example, inside WeChat you can create your own landing page. And through WeChat you can also accept payments and pay for purchases – this service is used by almost all sellers in China. So they get an opportunity to pay taxes honestly and save on acquiring fees at the same time.

YouTube – Youku and iQIYI

There are two large counterparts to YouTube in China – Youku and iQIYI.
Youku is a mix of YouTube and Netflix because in addition to videos created by users and bloggers, there is original content that is produced by the site itself.Youku’s audience is 455 million people per month.
iQIYI is analogous to YouTube, but in addition to the usual videos shows movies, TV series, sports and TV shows. The platform has even signed a contract with Netflix and shows some of the original series.

Twitter – Sina Weibo

The Chinese service has an audience of 400 million users a month. They come to the social network to post short posts about life and troll the people they know. Weibo is one of the most popular platforms especially for business and celebrities – it is much easier to communicate with competitors here than on other platforms.
Weibo’s audience is concentrated in China. Moreover, about 70% of active users live in four cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Register with a China number for SMS verification

If you want to create an account on one of these services, you can use a Chinese virtual number. Go to Sms-man website to get such number. You can buy a number to register to more than 1000 services. Go to the main page of the site and select the country number – China, then select the desired service. After clicking “Buy” your number will be shown in the history of numbers you have bought. Use this number when you register with the selected service. You will see a confirmation code to complete the registration on the site. With such numbers you can create accounts at any services.


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