How to bypass Wechat account verification without phone number
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How to bypass Wechat account verification without phone number


What is WeChat  anyway?

Chinese tech giant Tencent developed Wechat social network . The company seized on QQ, the immediate messaging service that dominated the domestic market in 2011. When WeChat was launched, the transfer of QQ’s user base rapidly growed. Main competitors of Wechat for instance: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram got blocked. Therefore Wechat and Wechat account became super popular.

However no other app offers the Chinese as many practical features as WeChat account. Thanks to his payment system based on QR codes. They penetrated into all spheres of life, from buying clothes to renting real estate, and it is there that all the news related to the shutdown is discussed.

Due to its concentration among the population, WeChat has firmly established itself on the Chinese Internet. It has become the main equipment for every citizen, along with a SIM card or home key.


Wechat account features

Facebook and WhatsApp calculate growth based on the number of active users. On the other hand WeChat is interested in how often users accessed the app with their needs. Wechat strives to fill all areas of life. All this is achieved through the applying of millions small applications in WeChat. In a way, it’s like a web browser. All of these applications are referred to as “official accounts”. At the moment there are more than 10 million such accounts. For instance stars, banks, fashion brands, pharmacies, various startups, etc.

Let’s list the coolest features of WeChat:

  • Long press on the image allows you to write to the user – you can send a message to the user you pressed image.
  • Individual setting of “Moments” – You can customize settings for each individual user that appears in your news feed.
  • Own media editor – WeChat has it’s own photo editor which you can use before posting a photo.
  • Articles your friends read – You can see articles your friends have read, even if they haven’t shared them.
  • Individual privacy settings for shared content –  Privacy settings for the content you post.
  • Transaction History – you can see the history of your transactions in WeChat.

Above all, users are always authorized in all applications. And they don’t need to install any addons. There are also advantages for developers – no need to develop applications for different operating systems. Sometimes a website is enough for them.

How to create Wechat account without phone number?

I think everyone who read this article got interested in creating Wechat account. But to get access to all features you need to register with Chinese number. Another problem borns. How to get Chinese number? Purchasing SIM card is not an option or maybe you already have and account and want to create another one?  We are your solution. Purchase virtual number in SMS-MAN

  1. Visit  the sms-man web-site and register. virtual numbers on SMS-man
  2. Recharge your balance for 1 or 5 dollars. It depends on your wishes
  3. Choose China to receive sms online from China.
  4. Choose WeChat service from the services tab and press “Buy” button.   sms-man

The virtual number you purchased will be  automatically added to the top of main page. Similarly you can use it to register on Whatsapp, Telegram, KakaoTalk, and many other popular services . Just insert  phone number  and click “Get SMS” . In the “SMS” column you will see the verification code.

In conclusion you just  received Wechat verification code in to your verification code.

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