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Badoo or Tinder: what to choose

Badoo or Tinder: what to choose

There are many dating apps out there that can make a big difference in your life. But the question always arises: what to choose: a Tinder account or Badoo? Let’s look at them in our article.

They are very similar. However, there is a difference! Badoo, unlike Tinder, supports 40 languages, which increases the number of users. Also, its rating is currently higher  on Google Play, and since 75% of the global market share in mobile OS belongs to Android, the number of Android users is greater.

Tinder account

Be careful!

First of all, it is important to remember that you are communicating with a stranger. Give yourself time to get to know the person before giving them any valuable or incriminating information about yourself.

Do not switch from dating sites to text messages or calls. Thus, you must tell the person your personal number. Today, you can find out a lot by your personal mobile number: what social networks you use, what you are interested in, and, if you try hard, where you most often relax or walk.

Tinder & Badoo account: how to get to know a person without affecting their privacy?

Use psychological games, for instance: engaging in small talks, finding mutual interests. You can also use most common, but still effective questions to get to know the interlocutor better. If another person is interested in you, he will gladly take part in such an initiative. But do not forget that at a distance and by correspondence it is quite difficult to determine whether the interlocutor is lying or not.

Tinder account

Dating apps as a way to steal personal information

Be alert when talking to strangers. You don’t tell everything about yourself to the first person you meet on the street, do you? The same is true on the Internet.

We do not recommend you to use your real mobile number when registering on dating apps. Purchase a virtual number. This way you will have more mental peace because no one can access your real mobile number. No spams and risk to get scammed.

A virtual number is similar to a standard phone number, but without a physical SIM card.

Register Badoo account with a virtual number

  1. Go to the SMS MAN website
    This is a platform that sells virtual mobile numbers for registration. Create an account to grant access to purchasing numbers.
  2. Select the country whose number you want to purchase.                                                                                      For example: USA
  3. Choose a platform
    In our case: Badoo
  4. Buy the number you want
    Once purchased, your virtual number will appear at the top of the SMS MAN page
  5. Go to Badoo
    Start registering with your mobile number. Enter your virtual number and complete your profile.
  6. Enter your activation code
    Ask for the activation code from SMS MAN. Enter the code as soon as it appears on the screen.
  7. Use your new Badoo account!

Getting a virtual phone number for free

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