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How to create a second account in any service

How to create a second account in any service

Tired of having your accounts blocked all the time? Let’s find out why, and how to register a new second account without using your number.

What causes accounts to be blocked?

Let’s identify the reasons why, for example, the company TickTock starts blocking its users. In fact, the number of reasons for blocking accounts is increasing every day. And not just at TickTock. This is due to the fact that the number of users, scammers and suspicious activity in accounts is only increasing.

Blocking, the main reasons

  1. Creating multiple pages with the same login and password
    More precisely, not creating, but trying to create the same page several times. Such pages raise a lot of questions when going through moderation.
  2. Creating a large number of empty accounts from one device
    When creating accounts, the app detects the device from which a new user was registered. If many registrations come from the same address, moderators block such suspicious accounts.
  3. Simultaneous use of the same account from different places
    If an account is being used by 2 or more people at the same time, the app detects this and treats it as suspicious activity. Initially, Tik Tok may give you a warning, asking you not to raise suspicions of fraud. Next, the account will simply be blocked.

How do you create a second account in TikTok?

  1. Use SMS MAN
    Below we will tell you how the company stands out among the competitors, and why you should choose it. For now, let’s see the technical component of buying a new virtual number to create a new account.
  2. On the main page of SMS MAN you will see the choice among the countries and services
    The first thing you have to choose – it is the country whose number will be used for the new registration of your personal account.second account
  3. You can choose the country where you live or are located. It is not important
    The main thing you need to consider is the service you want to register your new account with.
    In the screenshots we show in details which buttons you have to press. If you can not find among offered countries and services what you need, you may use search function. It is an icon with a magnifying glass, on which you have to click and enter the name you need.
    second account
  4. You buy your chosen number and use it when you register
    Important note: You enter the phone number yourself from the keyboard. We advise you not to copy it. When copying the number some services and applications start to scan your account for unwanted actions. If you don’t want to draw extra attention to yourself, enter the phone number from the keypad of your mobile device or computer.
    second account
  5. Similarly with entering the activation code when registering
    After entering mobile number service will ask you to prove that this number really belongs to you. To do this you will need to enter the activation code which comes to the entered number in the form of sms-message. This is usually where users start to get scared. Where will come the sms if the virtual number does not have a sim card to which it is attached? In fact, the sms code can come to the virtual number. And it will come. But it will appear on the main page of the SMS MAN website. Exactly where you have copied your mobile number. You press the “Get code” button and the text message will be displayed on your smartphone or computer screen.

    This happens because virtual numbers are linked to databases stored on the Internet. The database is forbidden to third parties and only belongs to the owners and trusted employees of SMS MAN. This means that all text messages are routed via SMS MAN. You can obtain all data from the personal account that you originally registered.
  6. At this point you should already have a new personal account ready!
    To start using it fully, we advise you to fill in the fields about yourself, put a photo, write something in the “about yourself” column, add friends, if required by the social network or service.

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