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Paysera account: how to create without phone number


In modern days it is difficult to imagine our lives without such internet payment systems as Paysera. People use them to pay for various services inside as well as outside the country thus saving a lot of time, energy, and even money in some cases. But due to mandatory mobile cell phone verification, it is not always possible to sign up for those services. This issue is especially true in the case of users coming from countries that are not supported. Read our article to learn how to sign up for a Paysera account without a phone number.


How to bypass mobile verification without a phone number?

Nowadays there are a lot of online services that ask users to complete mobile phone number verification before gaining full access to their features. It is not possible to bypass this requirement wholly and completely. But that is no reason to get upset. There is still a way to complete it without having own mobile number which is also relevant for Paysera. Just use a virtual cell number.

Obtaining such a number doesn’t require going anywhere. Moreover, there is also no need to purchase a SIM card from a real cell phone carrier as well as to have a smartphone. You can simply buy a virtual phone number for Paysera in a few clicks on websites like SMS-Man. However, in addition to the convenient process of purchasing such a tool has several other advantages:

  • Low cost which rarely exceeds one dollar;
  • Total privacy due to untraceability;
  • Ability to bypass internet restrictions by using a phone number from anywhere in the world.


So it is a solid solution for everyone who needs to sign up for accounts on various websites and online apps including Paysera without having or using their own phone number. Let’s see how to easily get it.

Getting a virtual phone number for Paysera

SMS-Man provides the most convenient and at the same time cost-effective way to do it. Just follow our instructions below step by step to get a virtual phone number for Paysera. Here they are:

1. Sign up for a profile at

SMS-Man register

2. Choose a suitable payment option from the corresponding tab and top up the balance.

SMS-Man recharge

3. Open the homepage of the platform and select the country dialing code of the virtual number.

SMS Man main page

4. Proceed to the tab with apps and find the required option.

virtual phone number for Paysera

5. Press the purchase button to get a virtual phone number for Paysera.

buy phone number for Paysera

This is it. You have bought a cell number that is suitable for Paysera account registration. Now let’s use it to perform an appropriate task.

Signing up for a Paysera account with a virtual number

Technically virtual phone number is pretty much the same as a real one. So using it for creating a Paysera account is not something complicated and is unlikely to cause any difficulties. But just in case here we have prepared a complete guide on this process:

1. Put the purchased virtual phone number on the account registration form in Paysera.

2. Send a confirmation text message to it.

3. Switch back to our website and find there “Get SMS” button which is placed next to the virtual phone number.

4. Copy received verification code.

5. Enter it on Paysera to create a new profile.

The task is done. This is how anyone can create an account with a virtual phone number for Paysera. The entire process from purchase to activation takes only a few minutes. Moreover, there is no need to have special knowledge of mobile technology, while the cost of the service is as affordable as possible!

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