How to create Yahoo email account without phone number?
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How to create Yahoo email account without phone number?

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What is Yahoo account?

Yahoo Account is a web-based email service from Yahoo. While it’s free for individual use, a paid business email program is also available. In 2011 Yahoo ranked as the third largest email service provider in the world.

The original interface, launched in 1997, was accessible through the regular Yahoo Mail Classic interface. The modern version, released in 2005, had lot of upgrades, like: tabs, address autocompletion, keyboard shortcuts and e.t.c. Yahoo removed some features, such as one-click delete and move forward, to speed things up. A beta version of Yahoo Mail was released in October 2010. New features included links to Facebook, as well as search and performance improvements. Current Yahoo Mail interface released in 2012 and unlimited storage was introduced into the system on 2007. Unfortunately this only lasted until October 8, 2013.


Yahoo Mail’s history dates back to 1997, when Yahoo entered into an agreement with Four11, an online communications company. The $96 million acquisition of Yahoo Four11  prompted himself by its RocketMail service. After the acquisition company launched Yahoo Mail shortly after . At that time, situation was very serious. Hotmail was growing at an alarming rate. Yahoo Mail needed to grow up. The only possible way was to be launched as fast as possible.

While switching to Yahoo Mail was not easy for most RocketMail users, the exchange of explanations eventually made it possible. In addition, Yahoo has stopped free access to the software and now charges $29.99 per year for mail forwarding service. During the summer of 2002, the Yahoo network gradually rebuilt himself. Various Yahoo services, including Yahoo Mail, barely replaced. New features introduced on the timeline include a customizable color theme, different category labels, and a dropdown menu in DHTML.

 Features of Yahoo account

Yahoo account is available in two main configurations: free and paid. Standard features include spam and virus protection, adblock when using your email account, 100 filters to automatically sort messages, support for multiple rules including email forwarding, and the expiration of the 6-month account inactivity period.

How to bypass Yahoo account verification code?

Similar as other email accounts, Yahoo account needs to be verified. Most simple and reliable method is phone verification. But, how to be, if you don’t want to share your phone number for verification. Best solution for it is to use virtual numbers. SMS-MAN is the best service that provides virtual numbers. In this article, we will show you simple guide. Simply repeat this steps to create Yahoo account.

1. Firstly to create  Yahoo account with a virtual number, you need to sign up in

2. Secondly refill your balance by selecting the “Payment”. Top up your balance with a payment system that are available .

3. Go back to the main menu and select country and the “Yahoo” service.


4. Buy a virtual number for Yahoo by pressing the “Buy” button. In conclusion, now you can use it to receive sms when you register.


Above all, now you can use number you purchased to verify your phone number. To receive the verification code just click “Get SMS” button.

That’s it, you now can create multiple accounts in Yahoo! This method also works, if you want to create LocalBitcoin, Blizzard accounts too.

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There we on a daily note provide up to six virtual phone numbers from different countries that subscribers can use for signing up on various websites and apps without exceptions. So there are no difficulties with using them in order to create Yahoo account.

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