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How to sign up in CheapVoip without phone number

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With CheapVoip you can stay in touch, but don’t need to worry about phone bills. You can use your phone, mobile, tablet to call save money.

With CheapVoip you can communicate with your friends and family, but don’t need to worry about high telephone pays. You can use it to call Good quality of communication, without high bills for international calls.

To start CheapVoip without phone with a virtual number

On the Internet, many sites provide the temporary use of a virtual number for a small fee.

One such resource is Obtaining a number to register with CheapVoip costs only about 0.52 cents. This service is not just because, but because it has some advantages over similar resources, namely: low price, ease of use, the ability to buy a number to create an account and mail in Google,, Microsoft and many other popular services.

How to buy a virtual number for CheapVoip registration?

1. In order to start without phone with a virtual number register on the website

2. Go to the menu and select the item “Payment”. Refill the account with a convenient payment system.

3. Go back to the main menu and select the “CheapVoip” service.

4. Buy a virtual number for CheapVoip by pressing the “Buy” button. Now you can use it to receive sms when you register.

5. Choose “Register” on the CheapVoip app and fill in all the necessary fields. In page setting chose “Verify mobile”. Press “Next”.


6. To get sms, go back to and click on the tab “Request History” and click “Get sms” opposite the number.

7. In the corresponding field the activation code will appear, copy it and enter it into CheapVoip.

That’s it, we succeeded in creating account without a phone number!

And maybe this method?

If you use only Telegram, we can offer you our bot for Telegram. And we have bot if you want get free VoIP number.

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