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How to get a Russian phone number for SMS

How to get a Russian phone number for SMS

To begin with, a temporary russian phone number makes it much easier to surf the Internet and sign up for apps or services.

Types of temporary license plates

For the most part, temporary (or fake) license plates can be divided by the time they are used.

  1. They are used for one-time registration.
  2. Used for 24 hours
  3. Used for a long period of time. That is, they are rented from sales companies for the required period of a day or more.

How do you know what kind of temporary russian phone number you need?

Here you need to determine the purpose of buying a number. And only from this you can proceed. Although a temporary number is called a temporary number, you can purchase it for a long period of time.

For example, at SMS MAN, a seller of temporary virtual numbers, you can buy a temporary number for as little as an hour. And you yourself can set the duration of the lease that you need. The advantage of this feature is that the company does not impose its own rules. You act only from your own interests. The company provides the setting of your future number on the site, where you indicate the time of use, the country, and you see the cost to be paid.

How to decide with the seller of temporary numbers?

To begin with, selecting the best seller among all those selling virtual numbers is a difficult task. Despite this, let us try to help you figure it out.

  1. Each seller must take responsibility for the quality of the product offered.
    In the situation of virtual phones, stores must select numbers from proven databases. What does “verified” mean? The cell phone may have belonged to another owner before you. It means that some data was recorded on that number. Plus, the previous owner of the number could have registered on websites, services, and applications. The number could also have been used to apply for loans or microloans. It is important for the seller to check the number’s cleanliness. That is, you need to get a virtual cell phone number, which is not used by anyone at the moment. Accordingly, which is not distributed anywhere.
  2. You need to pay attention to sellers who pay attention to official documents and pay taxes.
    Documentation work is necessary if you are pursuing the purchase of an official existing phone number. Also, if you don’t want to send your money when buying a number to scammers, pay attention to studying the officiality of the company. If the seller company has been working for a long time, has quality reviews and is ready to provide official documentation about its existence and payment of taxes to the state, then you can safely apply to it.
  3. A quality seller is willing to help you resolve any issue as quickly as possible.
    In today’s age of technology and development, it is critical that requests from users are handled as quickly as possible. If you contacted the store’s technical support, or wrote a formal letter asking for help, and the answer doesn’t come for a long time, then feel free to move on to another seller. Of course, it’s important not to go overboard here. You may not get an answer within 5 seconds of sending the message. But we still advise to pay attention to how long the company has helped you to solve a technical problem or find an answer to your question.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with a proven service for the sale of temporary numbers — SMS MAN.
SMS MAN works in the mobile market for many years and meets all the criteria of a quality seller. Buying a number on the site is very fast. Usually within 5 minutes. And also prompt technical support answers questions within a couple of minutes. We recommend.

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