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How to register in Ola Cabs account without number

Account without a phone number

If you’re traveling, it’s much better to use local services to get around than to stop local cab drivers and go with them. How to create Ola Cabs account without a local phone number is explained in this article.

Information about the service

Ola Cabs is one of the cab ordering services available in India, created here and adapted to the local peculiarities. In contrast to the well-known Uber, Ola has several advantages, which will be discussed below. First, a few general facts about the service:

1. Ordering a cab is available through the app of the same name Ola, where, as in any other application, you mark the pick up point and the destination – drop off.
2. payment of a cab is possible both in cash to the driver, and non-cash by card or other payment systems (PayTM).
3. The system of discounts and promotions are regularly updated and sent to the registered users.

India’s largest cab service, Ola Cabs, has shown growth. Its audience is now more than twice that of Uber users in India. Such conclusions were made on the basis of the results of research by Truecaller. Truecaller service is used to identify a subscriber by an incoming call and to block spam. Experts have analyzed incoming and outgoing calls from numbers in India assigned to Uber and Ola Cabs.

According to Truecaller, from January to March 2021, users made 59.5 million outgoing calls to Ola cab service and received 42.5 million incoming calls from it. For Uber, these figures are 24.5 million and 13.6 million, respectively. It is worth mentioning that the exact number of active Truecaller users in India is unknown.

Ola cabs

Features of the Ola Cabs service

1. In addition to “economy” and “business class” cars, you can order a “passing cab”, the price of which will be much lower, and is designed for each passenger, not the car as a whole.

2. In addition, you can order an autorickshaw as a cab. The price of the trip is lower than by car, plus the flavor is off the charts! If you catch a rickshaw on the road, the drivers are trying to trick you, and ordering a rickshaw through the app you have nothing to worry about, because even the destination does not have to explain – everything is shown on the map.

3. You can order a bike as a cab: a motorcyclist will take you to the right place quickly and with a breeze.

4. You can book a cab for a whole day or a few hours, whether it’s for shopping or business meetings, or just a visit to a new city.

Cons: During rush hour, cab arrival times sometimes differ from what the app promises. Since detailed Google maps are forbidden in India, and the location of the car is often determined in error, it is worth carefully (preferably manually) enter the pickup location and destination, and also have landmarks to guide the driver just in case.

Conclusion: Ola is worth using!

 Ola cabs account without a number

Thanks to such an application, the tourist can save on travel. As the prices for locals are much lower than the prices for tourists. In order to use the service you need a local phone number. In this case, you can use a virtual number to register at the service. Virtual number is much easier and cheaper to get than a real number. With this number you can create Ola Cabs account and travel by cab when you are travelling. To do this, go to Sms-man website and register with mail.

1. Refill your balance by any of the methods available on the site.

2. After that go to the main page and choose the country number, in our case we take the number of India.

3. Then choose the service on which you want to create an account. Choose Ola Cabs and buy a phone number.


4. The phone number will show up in your order history, enter the number you get when you register with the Ola Cabs service, then ask for a code to complete the registration. To do this press the button “Get sms”.


5. The code will be displayed next to your number on the site. Enter the code you received to complete registration.

How to use the service

You will not be able to order a car by phone, because you do not know the local language. You need to choose a place to sit near the roadway and wait for the driver.

OLA cabs

Be sure to put the place where you need to get to, so you do not have to explain to the driver where to go, if there is a question, show the driver the place on the phone. Usually the driver does not expect to see a tourist, the application is mainly used by locals.


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