Twitter to pay $ 150 million penalty for breach of privacy promises
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Twitter to pay $ 150 million penalty for breach of privacy promises

Twitter paid $150 millions

Hi all. In this article I will tell you what situation will make Twitter pay $ 150 million and how to get verified twitter.
The blue bird logo is increasingly glimpsed in the news headlines.

Mainly because, despite much dissatisfaction from users, the company does not correct its mistakes, but makes new ones. So from 2013 to 2019, the service misled those who provided personal information. The service used emails and phone numbers for advertising targeting purposes. Data was entered to protect the account from hacking and data leakage.

150 million

150 million dollars for negligence

At this point, Twitter lost the case and will have to pay $150 million, as well as rework the terms of use of user data.
Virtual Numbers.
After such news, most people will have absolutely no desire to leave their number or email at this service, but then what to do?
An account can be registered to a virtual number taken on short-term or long-term lease.
One of these services is a platform for rental numbers to register SMS-MAN. Some of the lowest prices, a wide range of countries and services are waiting for you here.

How to get a number?


OTP lease:

If you need a number for a simple account registration and you do not plan to use it in the future, this method is perfect for you. You need to register on the site, it will take no more than 5 minutes of your time. Then, replenish your account using one of the available methods, such as cryptocurrency or just a bank card. You can get the number on the main page. You can get just one confirmation code on it.

Long-term rental number:

The long term rental number is more expensive, but will work if you need to get more than one confirmation code. Rental is available from 1 hour up to 6 months. During this time it is possible to register for several services, as well as to receive a lot of messages. The only disadvantage of this method at the moment is the impossibility to prolong the number. Rent is made in a separate tab on the page “Rent”.

API buy:

The last, but not the most important way to buy a number – purchase through API. This method is primarily designe if you need a large number of numbers. To use this way you need a program which you can download from homepage. API key you can find in your profile. Copy it and paste it into your downloaded application. You can buy from 1 to 100 numbers at a time.

Sign up on Twitter without phone number

After so much information, let’s try to create our Twitter account with a Virtual Number. For registration we will use the first method (OTP rental).
1) To do this, go to the created account at

2) Choose the country you like, be sure to enable VPN, without it the confirmation code may not come
3) Next, in the list of services look for Twitter, if you do not see it in the proposed, expand the list and search for it.
4) Press the “buy” button
5) The issued number paste into the account registration window and fill in everything else.
6) When Twitter will ask you to enter a code, on the site of the virtual number lease request a code. The obtained numbers we paste into the appropriate box.
7) Account is create!


At this point, the data comes to a logical conclusion. Never forget that the data you leave on the sites are sell and can be use not for their intended purpose, so do not register on unverified sites, as well as check all the files you download from the Internet. Also, don’t try to misuse user data, or you’ll be like Twitter, owed 150 million dollars.

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