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How to Sign Up for Google Voice without a Phone Number

How to Sign Up for Google Voice without a Phone Number

Google Voice is one of Google’s services for phone calls and short messages. This service is designed to replace basic phone functions, such as calling and messaging, with a more user-friendly interface, convenience and the ability to work over the Internet.

It’s a messenger in nature, although limited in what it offers. Actual messengers like Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Viber are superior no doubt. However, Google Voice is a niche product aimed at phone calls. Moreover, it allows quick synchronization with your phone contacts and Google contacts.

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Advantages of Google Voice

A Google Voice account is a regular Google account. Users can use their existing presence in Google services to log into this app, too. It’s designed for mobile use, but a PC web version is also available. Downloading Google Voice on their phone lets users replace the in-built phone calls function with a more streamlined user experience.

A good first step is synchronizing the Google Voice contracts with your phone contacts and Google data. With that, users can call many recipients, as well as send limited text messages and leave voicemail. Additional features exist to make the Google Voice experience extra convenient, like voicemail transcription.

Advantages of Google Voice

So, what is Google Voice in terms of its advantages? Here are several to speak of:

  • Design. Google Voice offers a comfortable, useful interface.
  • Connectivity. Google Voice is integrated with various other Google services, allowing people to even call using Gmail.
  • Comfort. All the necessary features are gathered under a single roof, allowing users to make all their planned calls and leave all messages in one application.
  • Features. Additional functions, like voicemail transcription, forwarding of calls, recording of calls, and blocking numbers bolster the experience significantly.

There’s no reason not to register a Google Voice account. It improves the existing phone calling options, adds comfortable tools, and expands the reach of your contacts book. It does mean entrusting yet another crucial part of your online routine to Google, which is a double-edged sword.

On one hand, a single Google account can tie together many critical services, including calling, messaging, emailing, scheduling, work cooperation, and more. Such level of integration is immensely pleasing. On another hand, it’s a security risk. Moreover, a phone number is required to register here.

Why Does Google Voice Need My Phone?

A Google Voice account is basically the regular Google account. You can log into this service with the latter, simplifying the entire process. To register on Google, one must submit some private data, including a phone number. Now, using an active primary number is beneficial, considering how much Google Voice improves the calls.

Unlike countless apps, which demand the phone number for identity verification and broader security, a number is central to the Google Voice experience. The service uses a number you’ve shared to make calls, and recipients will receive calls from that number. You can switch numbers or forward calls to one of them, but you need at least one if you want to start using Google Voice.

Is it possible to create a Google Voice account without a phone number?

A regular Google account requires a phone number for complete registration, besides the name and date of birth. A Google account is eligible for Google Voice. Meanwhile, the phone number you specified during registration will be your primary. It can be changed to whatever number you require.

You can avoid giving your private data to Google by using a spare secondary number for the Google Voice account. This will not remove the most enjoyable benefits of this service, but also keep your privacy and anonymity. Unfortunately, you can’t register completely without a phone number, but virtual numbers are the solution.

Can I use Google services with a Virtual Number?

Virtual numbers work the same way as regular phone numbers in principle, except that they are only available for use on the Internet. SMS-man offers this a cloud-based technology that allows you to receive SMS without having a SIM card, including for creating accounts in services such as Google, Yahoo, Protonmail and others.

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Step-by-step instructions on how to get a virtual phone number for Google registration:

  1. Sign up at or login using your Facebook or Twitter account;
  2. Find in the menu on the left the section “refill my account”, deposit money through it;
  3. Choose on the main page the country and the service “Google Voice” and then click on “Buy”;
  4. Find purchased virtual number in section “History” and copy it.
  5. Use it in the process of verification of your Google account;
  6. When the system sends you the verification code, go back to SMS-man and click “receive SMS”;
  7. Use the code you received to complete your Google Voice registration.

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