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How to Make a Protonmail Email Address without a Phone Number

Make a Protonmail Email Address without a Phone Number

Protonmail is a wonderful solution incorporating an encrypted email service, VPN, calendar, and cloud storage, all created with security and privacy in mind. This service grew in popularity in recent years, justified by its high-class data protection measures and overall comfort.

To create a Protonmail account, you need to enter a few pieces of private information, such as your phone number, full name, and date of birth. This is tolerable, but new users often don’t like to provide data to large companies. This is reasonable, especially since there are many virtual phone number replacement methods on the Internet that do the same job but are completely anonymous.

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Protonmail email — Benefits and Features

Protonmail is an advanced email service that prioritizes the security and privacy of users. They claim to keep customer information secure and not use it for gain. That seems plausible, as Protonmail wasn’t ever spotted selling data, and it would be difficult for them anyway.

Besides email functionality, an active Protonmail account offers VPN, data storage, and a calendar. The size and extent of services differ based on the current plan: the company provides free, paid, and premium products. All varieties are capable of safe data management, but the higher cost brings more depth and functionality. So, what is Protonmail in terms of content?

protonmail is safe

The free plan incorporates plenty of important features for $0/month, no card required. From this alone, the user gets:

  • Top-notch email encryption and spam protection;
  • A calendar to keep a tight integrated schedule;
  • 1GB of encrypted data storage;
  • A single VPN connection at average speed.

Paid and premium plans increase the number of storage, email addresses, number of available messages, calendars, and VPN connections. They don’t make the service more secure the more you pay. You can therefore use your free Protonmail account with the same comfort as a paid subscription.

Protonmail registration process

To create an account on Protonmail, new users need to submit a phone number. It’s a vital step in the verification process, meant to safeguard the service from the influx of scammers, fake accounts, and similar dangers. It’s ineffective, but the step is still mandatory if you want to use Protonmail.

protonmail email

The standard registration process looks something like this:

  1. The user first needs to create the main Protonmail email address and a password.
  2. Subsequently, a verification process will have to be undertaken to confirm that a registering user is a real person.
  3. To complete the verification, the user must provide their phone number and receive an SMS with a confirmation code.

Using a personal number to verify a Protonmail account isn’t terrible. There won’t likely be any consequences, but refusing to share a number you actively use is overall a good strategy. You may also need this if you need to create many accounts. As phone number verification is a mandatory registration step, it cannot be avoided.

How to create Protonmail account without a phone number

Virtual numbers are identical in function to regular phone numbers, with the exception that buyers require no hardware to operate them. They are rented online for a necessary duration, the price of which is often even lower than SIM card fees, making virtual numbers hugely beneficial for Protonmail account registration with no major drawbacks.

SMS-man is a popular service providing virtual number services for registration. The site offers a wide selection which includes around 150 different states and over 1000 activation services.

virtual number for protonmail

Buying a virtual number for Protonmail registration is a simple process, just follow the steps below:

  1. To get started, create an account at or use a quick login via Facebook, Twitter or Gmail
  2. Go to the top-up page from the menu on the left and make a deposit
  3. Go back to home page to select country of virtual phone number and “Protonmail” service
  4. When the choice is made, click “Buy” button next to the selected service
  5. Your virtual phone number will be automatically added to the request history at the bottom of the main page. Copy it and use it when registering with the email service.
  6. When Protonmail will send you an SMS with a confirmation code, go back to SMS-man and click on “Receive SMS” in front of the virtual number
  7. Copy the activation code received and complete the registration

Registering on Protonmail without phone number (or, rather, a personal phone number) is a comfortable and quick process. The virtual number service is completely legal and has countless satisfied customers. It’s not the intended way of registration, but it technically violates no rules. Nor will Proton know if the number is virtual or physical.

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