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How to Create an Anonymous Snapchat Account?

How to Create an Anonymous Snapchat Account?

Snapchat is a mobile app launched in 2011 that allows millions of people to share stories, photos and even play games. There are many different features available in the app that allow you to make your online communication even more vivid. A huge selection of emoji can more clearly reflect your communication style and emotions. You can also personalize your profile with any information about yourself.

Since its launch, it made numerous options for expression, not limited to textural form. You can call others or share images and videos, making your experience multifaceted. These features have already attracted more than 750 million users. But to use Snapchat, you have to give your private phone number, which can hurt your anonymity. So in our article we decided to share a way that will allow you to create a completely anonymous account.

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Is Snapchat Safe to use?

In general, the security of the Snapchat app is quite high. Developers keep confidential information on their servers, which means you can post anything that matches their TOS. This is one of the biggest advantages of the program, attracting countless users. But as with any application on the Internet, we recommend avoid posting too much sensitive data.

To further increase your safety, you can set up to show stories or control access to profile pictures using the “My Eyes Only” option. This will also help you hide yourself from your list of recommended friends. These options don’t help view Snapchat anonymously, but they cause users to feel more comfortable using the application.

Snapchat requires you to provide detailed information when registering, including your full name, date of birth, and phone number. These are mandatory parts of the registration procedure, along with username and password confirmation. Sharing this details with a large organization is unwise, as it could be leaked or hacked at any time.

In 2019, a company was caught misusing data. Its employees were looking at chat messages, phones, email addresses, locations and photos. In addition, people’s information is periodically leaked, hacked and phished, so no one can be sure their privacy isn’t compromised. Remembering this, many users consider a fake Snapchat account. There are safety risks, so it’s better to display as little private info to social media as possible.

Why Snapchat asks for a Phone Number

Snapchat requires a phone number and email address during registration to weed out bots as well as to personalize ads. The other uses you can found in the company’s Privacy Policy.

Many users understand this, so they are reluctant to share private phone numbers because it can hurt them. Given past data mishandling practices, it’s not surprising that people are wary of sharing any data. So, an anonymous Snapchat account registered with a virtual phone number might be an ideal solution for them.

Snapchat Registration with a Virtual Number

Virtual numbers are a cloud phone number service that is not tied to your physical location and device. With this service, you can create an unlimited number of accounts for any application or site, such as Telegram, Facebook, Tinder and others. This technology is popular with users who want to keep their personal information away from large companies.

The SMS-Man platform offers virtual phone numbers from 150+ different countries that allow you to make Snapchat anonymous without providing any personal information.

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Here are the step-by-step instructions about Snapchat registration with a virtual number:

  1. Complete a simple registration on the and log in to your account;
  2. Go to the “Top up my balance” page and make a deposit in any convenient way;
  3. Now, go back to the main page, select the country and the service “Snapchat”;
  4. After that click on “Buy” to add the virtual number to the cart;
  5. Copy the number you received into the Snapchat registration form and click “continue” to have the system send you a confirmation code;
  6. When the code is sent, go back to SMS-man and click “Get SMS” next to your number;
  7. To complete your registration, enter the activation code you received.

It’s more effortless than buying a new SIM card, not to mention cost-effective. The prices of such numbers vary but rarely exceed 0.5 USD, which is quite cheap.

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