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How to Create Anonymous Facebook Account in 2023

how to create a fake Facebook account

Creating anonymous accounts is commonplace for many online platforms. But the greatest popularity such a solution has gained in the case of Facebook. Getting profiles banned, especially when running various advertising campaigns, is not a new thing for this social networking site. Moreover, since using it involves communication with other people, staying confidential is also a good decision for the protection of personal information. Due to both mentioned reasons, such a question as how to create an anonymous Facebook account becomes more and more popular among internet users every day. Our article will explain the whole process in detail.

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Reasons to register a fake Facebook account

There are a lot of use cases for profiles of that type. They do not really differ from platform to platform, however, in the case of some of them, there could be unique methods of use. This is true for an anonymous Facebook account either. First and foremost it is created to keep running advertising campaigns. It is quite common for this social network to block profiles for different reasons, and once it happens, there is no way to continue promoting your products or services on it. This issue is simply solved by creating a new and anonymous account.

But what are the other use cases for this feature? Well, creating a fake Facebook account also might be useful when there is a need to:

  • Preserve as much privacy as possible;
  • Separate personal life and work by using two different profiles;
  • Play a trick on someone.

These are just the most popular. You can also use a profile of this kind to run different groups without getting them messed up in one place or for any other purpose that makes sense to you. So the anonymous Facebook account is a pretty multipurpose tool. But the most important thing is that it is not really difficult to create one or more.

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Everything that you need to make a fake Facebook account

Dealing with this task does not take much at all. There are only a few things that everyone needs in order to complete it. Their list includes:

  • Fake name, surname, and other credentials. You can get them using special online services.
  • Random picture or photo of the person who doesn’t exist. Those can be obtained on the internet or via AI-based websites that generate different images and pictures.
  • Disposable phone number. Getting it is a bit more difficult than previous things but still is not something complicated. Our service allows doing it within a few minutes starting with its receipt and ending with its activation.

This is everything that is necessary. You just start the registration process, enter unreal personal data along with a random picture or photo and then choose to verify your profile with a phone number. At this stage, we need to use a disposable number as it will not be longer available after use and is completely anonymous. See below how to get and activate one.

How to use a disposable number to create a fake Facebook account?

Activating a disposable cell number is the last and most important step in process of creating an anonymous profile on any internet platform. It cannot be tracked as well as associated with its owner unlike a real number so it is a mandatory requirement. Here is a short instruction on how to create a fake Facebook account with the help of a disposable number as the last part of the process:

1. Create a profile at

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Select a suitable top-up option from the payment page and use it to replenish your balance on the platform.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Move on to the homepage of the service and choose disposable phone number country as well as Facebook among other websites and applications.

4. Make a purchase.

5. Put obtained disposable number on the registration page of Facebook and request the verification code.

6. Switch back to SMS-Man and press “Receive SMS”.

7. Copy the received verification code and use it to finish account registration.

So here is an answer to the question of “how can I make a fake Facebook account?”. Everything that you need to perform this task is random credentials and a fake image along with a disposable phone number. Having all these things on hand creating an anonymous profile will be only a matter of time.

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