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How to create Periscope account using a virtual phone number

create Periscope account using a virtual phone number

Periscope app is the platform to make or watch live broadcasts run by other users. It was developed and launched by Twitter. Thereby, it should come as no surprise that different celebrities and stars have taken a strong interest in it. They use it to show their lives or create some content and attract draw a large audience who can watch them on devices based on all popular operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and others. Moreover, it is absolutely free. You can easily download it from the appropriate app store. In this article, though, we will tell about how to sign up for this service using a virtual phone number.

Periscope logo

How do I sign up for Periscope?

Basically, there are two ways to make a profile on Periscope. You can go with any of them depending on your possibilities and desire. Those ways are represented by registration with:

  • Twitter account. The most practical choice is this one. Obviously, because that platform belongs to Twitter.
  • Mobile phone number. Going this way is less convenient. The thing is not everyone has an available phone number. In addition, you will have to enter a verification code each time when logging in to the app.

But there is one more way. You can also register a Periscope account with a virtual phone number. This is a perfect solution for users who don’t have a phone number or would like to keep it undisclosed from the platform as there have been multiple cases of data leakages. Below we will explain how to do this step by step.

How to register with the Periscope app utilizing a virtual number?

Virtual phone numbers are a relatively new solution. However, it is already very popular and widely used. There is not really much sense to explain what is Periscope virtual number as shortly such a number is just a basic mobile phone number that is set up to obtain a verification code from Periscope. Instead, we will show how to get one and use it for registration:

1. Open the website, proceed to the registration form, and register your account.

Signing up for SMS-Man

2. Replenish your balance in a suitable way from those that are supported.

Recharging balance on SMS-Man

3. Decide where the cellular carrier of the virtual number should be from and select an appropriate country on the main page.

Choosing country of the cellular carrier

4. Use the search feature on the same page to find Periscope.

Choosing a virtual phone number for Periscope

5. Make a purchase to get a virtual phone number with the required configuration.

Buying a virtual phone number for Periscope

6. Copy the received number.

7. Begin registration of Periscope account.

8. Request sending a verification code to your virtual phone number.

9. Finish registration with the received code.

It’s all that it takes to sign up for the Periscope app using a virtual number. You can do the same thing with other services too. For example, this is also possible to use these numbers to create an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platforms.

Don’t forget to use VPN when register Periscope

Using virtual numbers from other countries is possible and not restricted. But it takes completing one significant step to make it way safer as well as to avoid possible blocking. When going this way, it is needed to enable VPN and connect to the server in the country of the virtual phone number. We recommend using VPN to sign up for the Periscope app as it has multiple benefits:

  • Uploading speed. This is the most important about such services. In the case of this one, the uploading speed is top-notch!
  • Many servers. You can access a huge number of servers around the world. Moreover, the service allows choosing not only the country but also the city which is a pretty rare and cool feature.
  • Customer service. This is the most important thing about any commercial project and the service always helps customers. There is no need to wait very long since customer service responds instantly and fixes issues quickly.

This software will help you to avoid any possible issues when creating a Periscope account with a virtual number. Once started to use it, there is nothing to worry about.

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