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Dream11: Account Verification without Cell Number

Dream11 register

Dream11 is a web platform that allows people to access numerous fantasy sports games. Originally, it is an Indian company that serves customers from India. But despite this, at the moment there are also a lot of people from other countries who are using or want to use its offers. The only difficulty is that cell phone number verification is required. It can be completed only with an Indian phone number. Many foreigners get stuck at this point as they don’t have one. So, in this article, we will explain how to perform the Dream11 register and verify account process without a number using.

Dream logo

Well-known fantasy sports platform

The platform first appeared in 2008. For the first time, its main audience was football aficionados. However, since its home place is India, it didn’t take long to find more audience and expand. Only ten years after launch, the platform had more than 40 million registered users which is impressive for the project in such a niche. Of course, there also appeared a lot of new games to play. Nowadays customers are free to enjoy spending their free time playing:

  • Football;
  • Hockey;
  • Basketball;
  • Kabaddi;
  • Cricket and many other games.

Now you know what is Dream11. It is suitable for every sports fan. Signing up for an account on this platform opens access to numerous offers which will satisfy even the most sophisticated customers.

In addition, due to significant financing from a few large companies, the platform became India’s first unicorn gaming company. This drew even more attention from potential users including ones living in other countries.

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How to do Dream11 register without a phone number?

Earlier we said that mobile phone number verification is mandatory to go through in the case of this platform. Moreover, it should be done with a phone number coming from India and thereby having a +91 country dialing code. But having no such number is not a problem. You can always obtain a virtual phone number that is set up to work with the dream11.com verify account feature. It is suitable for registering a new account as well as verifying the one that was registered before just in case there appears a need to do so for some reason.

Getting a virtual number is also simple. This tool is available on multiple different online services as well as on SMS-Man. Since those numbers are coming from India, they are pretty cheap too. One virtual phone number on our website costs only about $0.10, which makes it pretty affordable. There is also an opportunity to reduce the price if buying numbers in bulk. Thereby, it is definitely a good option.

How to receive a Dream11 code for verification with SMS-Man?

Some users may consider this process difficult. This situation is especially common for new customers. However, there is nothing to worry about. It takes a few minutes to complete even for those who have never utilized virtual phone numbers before. Simply follow our detailed instructions below to complete Dream11 register in this way:

1. Create a profile on sms-man.com and verify provided email address to activate the registered account.

SMS-Man sign up

2. Open the recharge tab, select a suitable payment method, and top up your balance on the website.

SMS-Man payment

3. Proceed to the main page and choose India as the country of origin of the virtual number.

4. Use the search option to find Dream11 on the next tab.

5. Click the buy button.

You will get a virtual phone number that can be used for Dream11 log in as a result. It will be shown on the homepage as well as in your profile. To use it for an appropriate purpose, begin the verification process on the app and paste this number into the specified field. Once the verification code is sent, get back to our platform and click on “Receive SMS”. Then simply use the received code to finish the process. The steps are simple as they are since there is not much difference between using virtual numbers and regular mobile phone numbers.

Creating multiple accounts

Many users who are trying to verify a Dream11 account would like to verify not only one but multiple accounts. Fortunately, virtual phone numbers give an opportunity to do that. You can use them for Dream11 register and verify processes as many times as needed. The only thing is that every virtual number can be linked with only one profile. Thus, it is needed to get and activate numbers in appropriate quantities. It is not restricted. Every user can take advantage of as many of them as needed and verify a literally unlimited number of accounts.

Dream11 register an account for free

Can’t pay for services because there is no available payment method or due to some other reason? It is not a problem. You can visit our channel on Telegram where we supply free virtual phone numbers and perform an intended task spending no money. The channel is updated every 8 hours. It means that it is possible to get up to 3 virtual numbers absolutely for free on a daily basis. However, it is also important to notice that there are numbers from different countries. They are not all from India. But sometimes there are some.

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